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Goat Simulator Review | GIZORAMA

Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "Goat Simulator is difficult to review. If you see reviews as a buyer’s guide or consumer report of sorts then you’re probably wondering if it’s worth your hard earned/illegally gained cash to see a goat jump off a crane. If finances are of little concern for you, and you like your reviews to simply confirm whether a game is “fun” or not then, yes, Goat Simulator is “fun”. If you like reviews to explore the deeper themes and meanings behind a game’s narrative, well, this is Goat Simulator, and I’m not Superman.

To be perfectly honest, your mileage with Goat Simulator will depend heavily on two factors. The first: Do you think goats are funny? The second: Do you think bugs, in the context of video games and not the animal kingdom, are funny? If you answered “Yes” to both of the above, it’s likely you will adore Goat Simulator for the idiotic, nonsensical, YouTube-bait game it is. After all, it’s not like anyone really wanted to simulate standing in a field eating grass." (Goat Simulator, PC) 4/5

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