Why Infamous: Second Son Does Morality Correctly

Maturity Crisis: An author from Maturity Crisis discusses why the simple morality choices in Infamous: Second Son make the gameplay more enjoyable.

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-Foxtrot1603d ago

There's hardly any morality choices in the game mission wise


There's Fetch's Good/Evil mission, Eugenes, then there's the end where you can choose the good/evil path but apart from that mission wise it's lacking.

It's not like Kuo and Nix from inFAMOUS 2

stylishjerk1603d ago

I see what your saying, but in the end the choices should affect gameplay. Even with less choices compared to Infamous 2, the gameplay still is just as fun. If I'm evil I get to destroy everything in my path, and as a player, that is fun for me.

Conzul1603d ago

I felt that the choices/branches were done OK, but there just weren't enough of them.
But maybe it just seems that way because the story is shorter than the lengthy superhero ballands we got with the first two.

fonger081603d ago

I agree, I'm on my second play through and I hardly feel or notice any consequences with choosing to go the "evil" route. A mortality system is only as good as the characters and story arc. Infamous' story is ok, it's not like a ToLU, it's not terribly engrossing or original and to implement a morality system where not only do you care about what it does to centralized characters but what it does to the world around them, is a tough feat to accomplish..

stylishjerk1603d ago

I'm glad you mentioned The Last of Us. The Last of Us is more like a movie in the sense that we do not get to choose Joel's choices at the end of the game. Which is what made the game great. Joel's actions are debated because the team has already decided for us what Joel's actions would be. If a game is going to give us morality choices, like Infamous, it might as well be for the sake of fun and gameplay. Give me a choice to destroy a city block and give me the incentive to do it.

fonger081603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I get that, but what was great about ToLU or the Walking Dead and the characters, is that really cared what they did and why they did it. I would like to feel that when a choose a morality route for Delisn that I felt compelled to do so rather than it merely just opening up a new upgrade or slightly different story line. We've come along way with games and story telling that I truly believe delevopers are capable of adding in a morality situtation that makes us think and care.

LackTrue4K1603d ago

This is the first InFumos I play. And I must say, it's hard to stop !
I even ended up putting Metal Gear Solid aside just to play this game!

UnHoly_One1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

You need to play the first 2 inFAMOUS games. They are both FAR better than this one.

joab7771603d ago

What I hate is that u already know before u begin exactly what choices u r going to make, thus there is no thought or tough decisions...its simply blue or red.

That and the evil side makes no sense. What would u start killing innocent ppl as soon as u get to seattle...or at all? It should have been more like Mass which u r vengeful or mean spirited but still aim to get the job done.

-Foxtrot1603d ago

In my opinion it all seems rushed.

It's still a solid game but I feel like if they had time they could of stretched it out and make it right.

DanteVFenris6661603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Why would vlad impale people, why would Jack the Ripper mutalate people. It all comes down to one thing. Fun :D

Edit: plus it's you the players choice, in not one cutscene does he kill random people on evil. It's not the games fault if you kill a bunch of people, that's your own story your own decision.

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Christopher1603d ago

Gonna have to disagree. I think the potential for storyline was nixed in this one as they worked on getting the technical specs up to par for the PS4 generation. I'm hoping with the next game that they go back and improve on it like they did from inFamous to inFamous 2.

Few things truly missing from this:

- Truly diverging storylines and endings

- Limitation of power sets (not just power upgrades) based on choices. inFamous 2 did a wonderful job on this.

- Side missions that make sense. Why do I care about killing the police just because I'm evil? What do I have against the musicians and sign twirlers? Why is Seattle so overrun with drug dealers?

Second Son is a placeholder for a better game, IMHO. A beautiful placeholder that shows off what we can expect with super powers going forward. Can't wait for the next game.

DanteVFenris6661603d ago

I totally agree. They had to restart with the ps4 upgrade, but now everything's in place for what could be an amazing sequel!

Shadonic1603d ago

The evil morality choices are pretty much horrible. For fetch as she clearly explains that its the drug dealers that twisted and manipulated her they decide to go out and attack and kill protetesters who where just protesting against the drugs on the street ( though they were wrong about the whole drugs turning fetch into a conduit thing ). The whole Morality impact on the final scene though made no sense and seemed like it was put in there just to have more of a climactic impact.

The story makes a huge difference in the impact of these morality choices. The ones in Second Son on the other hand are less morality choices and more skill set decisions.

For second son, something along the lines of Dishonered would of fit well, having the side characters fallow you as you decide who to kill and save or disarm. Having your decisions in how you play influence how your skills develop rather than simply implemented skill set choices disguised as moral decisions. Its a great game thats still fun after my evil playthrough but I'm not going to let anything get off with a semi morality system like this.

DanteVFenris6661603d ago

Your not supposed to question things when you are evil. Your killing people who cares who they are. You sir would make a terrible psycho path

Shadonic1603d ago

Its just stupid, you would think that they would instead make you assist her in killing the drug dealers instead of apprehending and destroying their business. Instead we just kill non violent protesters who were in a way assisting Fetch ( with some false info here and there ) and terrorizing innocent civilians some of whom could be fellow conduits that have not realized their powers.

Its just lazy writing on the Evil half all around. I mean come on its like having spider-man kill some non violent protesters against Os-corps experiments not because the protesters are some secret meta-humans in disguise or something ready to attack spider man, no its because its basic pre-school level my 5 year old cousin could come up with this stuff level evilness logic. I mean what the hells next, are we gonna get Delsin stealing 500 cakes fallowing in the steps of lex luthor ?

mochachino1603d ago

It doesn't.

Still love the game though 9/10 IMO

NeoTribe1603d ago

It does morality just enough to say they have it. Its not like fable 1 for example to where you atleast look evil when you choose that path. I believe even infamous 1 had that feature. Besides that, theres not enough cutscenes or path changing scenerios in the game that uses the morality system. They should go a mass effect type approach with there next game. Maybe now that they got the engine nailed and runnin buttery smooth, they can take time to improve the system overall. Im glad there getting good scores, in addition to being slammed for the morality system. I think they will hear that and make a damn amazing next infamous.

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