What Sony needs to do for Project Morpheus to be a massive success

With Oculus selling out to Facebook, gamers are now looking at Sony to lead the VR way with Project Morpheus.

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Godmars2901486d ago

Make some on rail shooters. I am not kidding.

Make a score of cheap, but highly detailed, roller-coaster rides with competent controls and semi-interaction with themes along the lines of LA Guns, Starfox and Outlast to satisfy or state intimidate gratification, show what can be done with the tech quickly, and roll out one or two high production/full immersion project later.

dcj05241486d ago

Put it in Best Buys and Walmartdls ASAP.

URNightmare1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I agree with you. They need to show this to the general public. Sony unveiled its VR headset which is so far better than Oculus and it was nowhere to be seen in the news channels. As soon as facebook bought Oculus the next day it was in the news. Sony needs to show what's coming soon to the masses before some crap company do it first.

If Sony did what Samsung did with it's products, put them in Best Buys showing the tech and people interacting with them, it would be perfect.

Imagine a Sony employee at a Best Buy store showing the share feature and streaming The Playroom from there. The Playroom shows every feature in the controller with the camera. Couple that with some demos of Morpheus and the PS4 sales will go even higher of what they are. They would have to do something to manage supply.

spoonard1486d ago

Couldn't agree more with this.

jhoward5851486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

To make VR a massive success.

Gives us all something that can't be offered from video games console. This will establish an identify for VR.
There are many things in life most of you won't ever get to experience, either because it too costly or too dangerous.

I won't ever be an astronaut but it would be cool to experiences it through VR. Giving us new experiences is what going to make VR a hit.

jackanderson19851486d ago

keep it cheap enough that gamers beyond the "extreme" hardcore will purchase it, get third party devs involved and launch with a decent array of games that it interests people from all aspects of gaming

Rearden1486d ago

I think gamers are willing to pay a higher price for a brand new technology. Of course, as long as the VR works great and there are games for it.

dcj05241486d ago

Yeah. I'd prefer it to be High-end expensive now and cheap later that medium end moderately affordable and low end cheap later.

Geekman1486d ago

Make it affordable and put some decent games on there.

spoonard1486d ago

What they need to do is actually release the product. That's why the Oculus Rift hasn't really gone anywhere...because it's been in development limbo with everyone just talking about how great it is but not actually delivering a product.

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