[Continue Play] Goat Simulator Review

Continue Play's Dale Morgan takes a look at Goat Simulator, the new standard in simulation games.

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MRMagoo1231567d ago

You cant really give this game a 9/10 in all seriousness, i know the games not serious and I have found it very fun to play, there are far too many bugs and the controls are pretty bad for it to get a 9, imo it should be a 7.

WeAreLegion1567d ago

The bugs have been left in on purpose.

Allsystemgamer1567d ago

The bugs and bad controls are on purpose. They make it funny.

MRMagoo1231567d ago

I didnt really find it that funny trying to get the high score mission done and getting stuck in a wall , then having to respawn and losing all the cool stuff i had, i enjoyed the game but bugs like that arent what i would call funny.

ContinuePlay1567d ago

Something tells me you don't quite "get" the game.

There's a reason it was released on April Fool's day, you know :D

Destiny10801567d ago

seagull simulator imminent

ContinuePlay1567d ago

Well there's already Bear Simulator...