Meet The Gaming Guy Who Is Now Running All Of Xbox

KT:Ten months since the Xbox One was revealed at an event that focused a lot on the platform's non-gaming aspects—TV, sports, TV, sports, you might remember—Microsoft's got a gaming guy in charge of the platform.

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christocolus1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Phil spencer totally deserves this. Sadiya Nadella definitly made the right choice..... Congrats Phil, congrats to the entire xbox team.

Naga1568d ago

It's amazing to step back and see how far Microsoft and the Xbox brand has come since last year's E3.

Blaze9291568d ago

bro if they bring J Allard back then OMGz

maniacmayhem1568d ago

Seriously, if they brought back J Allard that would put Xbox over the top.

Good luck to this guy, he has a long ways to go cleaning up Mattrick's mess.

christocolus1568d ago

That would be insane..i would go out and buy another xbox

AngelicIceDiamond1568d ago

"But Xbox One is our most important gaming asset to date. [We want to] make sure we're completely focused on that gaming customer, that core gaming fan. Making sure of that, that's what I'm going to bring to this position is a focus on gaming for Xbox One. The entertainment features that we have on Xbox One are important, but those can't come at a cost for what we do for the core gamer."

Lol He mentioned gaming like 5 times here.

lets_go_gunners1568d ago

Because he learned from Don's mistake. Remember TV/Sports/Xbox Go home?

incredibleMULK1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

This should be good for us. Xbox does better, forcing Sony to do better = happy gamers. They got rid of that Nokia dude, hopefully this move wasn't just to ease our suspicions of selling xbox

Silver3601568d ago

Now we know why Whitten left. He knew Phil was getting this job.

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PhilJowns1568d ago

Agree definitely the best choice. A proper gamer who should push the company through the slightly rough start.

amiga-man1568d ago

Slightly? talk about an understatement

dodgemoose1568d ago

Have they or have they not sold millions of consoles? Multiple times as many as 360s sold in the same time period?

They've had a slightly rough start. It's not bloody doom and gloom as you obviously wish to believe.

MasterCornholio1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

So did they sack Elop?

Because if they did then that's great.

NYC_Gamer1568d ago

He's still with the company but he won't be in charge of the gaming/xbox brand

JBSleek1568d ago

1. They didn't sack Elop.

2. It wouldn't be great to sack him actually.

3. He isn't working with Xbox.

MasterCornholio1568d ago

Ah so he was just head of Xbox temporarily.

Thanks for clearing that up.

bartender641568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Elop will be in charge of the devices division. One of the big changes that Satya also made, was to unify the Xbox division with the windows division. Phil will report report directly to Terry Mierson. You can check the corporate email that Satya wrote to employees at the verge.

This are amazing news and goes to show, that MS is still going by their one MS vision. Looks like Xbox is here to stay, on contraire of what people here wants to make you believe with all the "MS wants to sell Xbox" thing.

chrissx1568d ago

A good choice. This guy genuinely knows about games

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