Metro Redux for next-gen is real, not ready for reveal yet


Metro Redux. You may have heard of it... even though you probably shouldn't have!

We could issue a 'We do not comment on rumour and speculation' statement and pretend this never happened. They're pretty boring to read. They're also pretty boring to write.

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NYC_Gamer1572d ago

I wish more publishers were just straight up like this instead of the whole "'We do not comment on rumour and speculation' crap

Meltic1572d ago

agree. Just look at the game dying light. They just hide so much info instead of showing us more detail about the game so we gamers can be interested in the game.

Micheal4101572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Batman Arkham Knight: Leaked Gameplay Audio Review

bjmartynhak1572d ago

"damm, the shit leaked, so yeah, it is real"

Can't wait for it. Never played 2033, so even with Last Light on PS Plus I was waiting for a next-gen version of both. Day one for me.

_FantasmA_1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

LOL thats the M$ style of not commenting on rumours. I really hope they make the graphics alot better. Graphics aren't important but the ones in Last Light are pretty bad for being a game of 2013. Still haven't had time to finish Borderlands 2, Hitman Absolution, Tomb Raider, etc from my Plus collection and Last Light is in the list as well but I was impressed by the gameplay so far.

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ftwrthtx1572d ago

When a PR company is run by someone as awesome as Aubrey Norris, it can only be run incredibly well.

Mr-Dude1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I never played the first game. Now we can..!
Metro LL looked good on the PS3 and X360 but on the PC it really came to life, esspecially the ghost city or the wasteland. So I have big hopes for the next-gen versions

appleritz61572d ago

I Really Like The Way They Addressed The Issue, Because Most Companies Fan It Off,

"We Don't Respond To Speculation or Rumors"
If You Don't, Why Are You Responding or Even Addressing It?
Just Hush Up Or Fess Up. Thanks Metro.

WeAreLegion1572d ago


ATi_Elite1572d ago

Someone who like acronyms.

or like Nope11 said


aLiEnViSiToR1572d ago

@nope111 .siht ekil epyt ew ,t'nod ew oN

BattleReach1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Why Do You Comment Like This?

Edit: WeAreLegion was faster ;)

appleritz61572d ago

Because I Can.. Problem?

appleritz61572d ago

Do You Have Nothing Else Better To Do? -_-

Rivitur1572d ago

Actually their community PR Guy responded with a no comment when someone asked him from the metro forums yesterday. Of course today the same PR person reveals that the rumors are true so lol....

AgentSmithPS41572d ago

yEs, bUt wasTing minUtes cAn caUse fUn.

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Dark111572d ago

I hope more people support these guys.

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The story is too old to be commented.