Graphics for Your Games - IGB lets you build them

Developing a game? The Indie Graphics Builder offers countless modular assets that allow custom creation of sprites. These graphics are royalty free with the package coming to Steam for easy download and timely updates.

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StockpileTom1717d ago

The RPG assests look oddly similar in style to the one's included with Engine001... I always liked the idea of a modular graphics library and the ability to modify them. (already backing this)

Roencia1717d ago

I talk with Mike of Engine001 all the time. I've also sent him samples of my graphics in the past. If he's included any in his engine, he has not done so with permission.

I just ran Engine001 to make sure, and everything looks fine to me. Some people use an early version of IGB in making their games with Engine001.

Thanks for supporting the project. I could be making graphics for you for years to come if all goes well.

StockpileTom1717d ago

Oh yeah it isn't the same just similar in style which I think is a good thing as it seems to hit that sweet spot between detail and adaptability.

Projects like this are a huge help. I haven't really been able to translate my hand drawn skills into the pixels (I don't even have a graphics tablet yet so maybe that's why)

I hope all goes well with the kickstarter... I think it will make it, there is usually a group of people that will hold out on pledging until the last day or two due to money concerns and not being able to predict their budget/needs.