PlayStation Releases for April 2014

PlayStationing writes: "March was a great month for PlayStation gamers, as well as gamers on other system, but there’s always a calm before and after the storm. So, there aren’t many major games in April, in comparison to March, but it’s still decent selection. Mercenary Kings is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, so if you are thinking of buying that, I’d suggest subscribing to PS Plus instead."

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NewMonday1358d ago

my picks:

Child of Light
Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

MasterCornholio1358d ago

Is conception that weird Japanese game where you guide the sperm to the ovula?

robtion1357d ago

My picks:

Child of Light
Spiderman 2 (looks good on ps4, last one was fun on ps3, basically a decent arkam city clone).

hellzsupernova1357d ago

i dont know what spiderman it was but my mate had it on his xbox (original OG xbox) and all i would do is pick up pedestrians and dive off of high buildings pile driving them into the group. so much fun

imXify1358d ago

Don't worry you'll have your Boondocks Season 4 this month.

Kingthrash3601357d ago

on it.. i did not know!
i'm in a good mood now.

TheSaint1357d ago

PS+ is already banging out free games, Sony actually seem to care about their customers.

They are obviously still there to make money but they also give some value!

Crazyglues1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

@ iSpeakTruth__

DriveClub got pushed back to Sept.

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angelsx1358d ago ShowReplies(1)
bondsmx1358d ago

What about ps4 - daylight April 8th

JamieLeeC931358d ago

I'm looking forward to that, and the dlc for Outlast.. Survival Horror is the shit!

bondsmx1358d ago

Me too man. Outlast blindsided me when it came out for ps4. I figured it would be good, just didn't think i would enjoy it near as much as I ended up. Looking forward to DLC, and checking out the randomly generated play through of daylight as well.

hellzsupernova1357d ago

I could never stand survival horror! I struggled through the last of us but i had to play it! Never been my genre glad some people really enjoy it though!

Clover9041357d ago

Survival horror, in 3d! Can't wait. The interaction during live stream sound pretty cool as well. Day one buy for me.

Jaqen_Hghar1358d ago

Mercenary Kings looks interesting but other than that a man doesn't think there's anything new coming this month for him.

Meltic1358d ago

crappy month. Its good for me. Save Money for next months game. Bound by flame, Watch dogs and wolfeinstein :). RPG mix with action and adventure game cool !

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