Goat Simulator Not Out Yet, Multiplayer Already Coming

SegmentNext finds the latest news about Goat Simulator. Despite not having a multiplayer component, a solution for the parody game is already on the way and the thing hasn't even officially released yet!

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cyclindk1516d ago

Thank goatness it has multigoater, i wonder if they have all the standard modes, free-for-goat, goat death match, capture the goat, two goats one corn on the cob, one goat two goats three goats your dead, i dreamt i was a goat and i am, goat me a river, et cetera

Aghashie1516d ago

Lol! Goat death match? Free for goat? Loooool!

U make me laugh. + bubble for you.

L0YD1516d ago

Goat ah... Goat um... Goat damn it! I was trying to squeese the "Goat" joke as hard as I could!

Allsystemgamer1516d ago

Goat and destroy? Search and degoat? Last goat standing?

bnaked1516d ago

Are you sure that this game isn't an april fool?

FragMnTagM1515d ago

I'm sure. I have played it.