PSN Maintenance Today, Monday, March 31, 2014

"Network maintenance currently scheduled for Monday, March 31st from 7:50 AM to 9:50 AM Pacific Time (10:50 AM to 12:50 PM Eastern Time). Expect this maintenance to last approximately 2 hours."

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respekanize911448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

been on all morning here in NY. must have signed in before we got locked out.

appleritz61448d ago

Today Is A School Day So I Wasn't Planning On Logging In Anyway.

XtraTrstrL1448d ago

With us paying to play games online now, PSN is gonna have to do better, all the shutting down for maintenance crap has to end.

Applejack1448d ago

I honestly don't see the problem here. If you had signed in anytime since last week, then you can still play your games online which is what everyone always worries about with these services. Also, it's only 2 hours so you can take that time to either play single player games or do something else. That's what I do.

sevilha821448d ago

It was supposed to end at 17.50 pm grw time it´s now 19.00 pm and it´s still down,so no it´s not ok.they do this practlly every time...
It´s annoyoing i´m paying for a service i´m not using...

JimmyHACK1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I'm pretty sure if that was 2 hours he wanted to play on PS4 only (doesn't apply to ps3/vita online play) and he was really upset about half a cent he paid per hour (which isn't taking in account anything other than MP gampelay on ps4 with the amazing service)..... when he grabs his free PS+ new games later this week he should feel silly.

Copen1448d ago

People most being (xbots) are looking for any reason to complain and slight the PS4 they now realize they should've bought instead. My personal experience thus far has been legit issues with xbox live I've had to call and sort out and in one instance the problem still isn't sorted out. I look at my network settings on my x1 daily and all their services are not always up and running if you doubt me look for yourself. I've not had to call Sony once for any issues with my PS4 nothing will ever be perfect but no issues like what I've had to deal with on my xbox one and thus far PSN has been the better service. This PSN work doesn't effect people wanting to play if you've played at anytime the week prior and let's face it IF you are a regular on PSN you've used it the week before and this is a non issue and if you're not and you login anytime during that 2 hours and can't access the network then oh well xbox live and all services aren't up 24\7 either so work must be done and shit happens.

XtraTrstrL1448d ago

I hear you, but it's the principle of the matter. They can't run PSN how they did when it was totally free.

I don't wanna hear what can/can't be done with that 2 hours or however long it'll be next time. That's stupid, PSN is just not consistent in general. The store updates are part of this, it's all random on Tuesdays. You can't see new items in some sections until way late at night, but if you hunt through the whole store, you can sometimes find a section with the game you're looking for where you can purchase it. It's just all out of order, and it's been enough time for them to start really upgrading it now with all that new PS+ profit they're making.

LOL, it was so predictable I was gonna get disagrees for saying anything negative towards Sony. Fanboys are so corny. I can't stand fanboys that block out reality to defend their system. I have a PS4 and never intend on buying the anti-consumer Xbone. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna be real about the issues with my console of choice.

MP3/Audio CD support and a media server need to be added to PS4 already. For them to say, oh, we heard your voices and will get on that - is bull. There was no need to hear our voices, because only an idiot wouldn't realize that we'd cry about that not being available at launch. I understand Sony wants to have the funds to start this generation out strong, but force advertising their services on us is not the right way, that's going the Microsoft route.

And anyone that tries to act like them cutting out audio cd/mp3 playback and a media server to stream/copy video/music to our PS4 wasn't a move just to promote Music and Video Unlimited for as long as they could - is lying to themselves. They are hoping to get as many to sign up as possible out of it being the only option for frustrated users that really wanted those things.

It's about to be April, and we still don't know anything about when these things are coming. The biggest thing they mentioned recently is the sharing stuff that's coming. Being able to save videos straight to usb and Twitch storage 'n whatnot. These are cool things, but still, we need the priorities taken care of ASAP. It's crazy to have a new console in 2014 and I can't stream or copy videos/music to it. Yet, Music/Video Unlimited is fully fleshed out. I'm not stupid Sony, yeah, you aren't a crazy monster like Microsoft that's so far gone you look/sound like a soulless robot trying to come off as a human to the consumers you are robbing - but you still gotta do a lil better in some areas that you aren't being fully 100% with us consumers.

Other than that, Sony is almost as good as Valve recently with how they've handled things. That's not a light statement either, cuz Valve really is one of the only white knights in this, when you are talking about companies that big in the business.

Anyhow, can't wait to get Mercenary Kings, was gonna buy 2 copies, 1 or me 'n 1 for my nephew. Now I can just download it since it's a PS+ freebee. Also, haven't plaid those Batman games, so the free one for PS3 should be nice, will have to delete some stuff though. Gotta get that PS4 replacement HDD once 2TB 2.5in' drives become more readily available, then I'll put the 500gb in my PS3.

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Ultr1448d ago

No going to the toilet for you! Why am I even paying you?! Meh

MasterCornholio1447d ago

Do you need TP? TP for your bunghole?

InTheLab1448d ago

They need to figure this thing out. I know people will give it a pass for being free on PS3 but now that it's a paid service this type of maintenance downtown should happen over night or not at all.

Drekken1448d ago

Games like WoW charge $15 a month and shut down weekly every Tuesday for a majority of the day for maintenance. If they didn't do this to take care of the servers and reset everything, you would be complaining about how you now have to pay for the service and it runs like crap.

You can't have it both ways. Just like your home PC, servers need to be updated and reset and the way the stations are not all together makes this process more than a flip of the switch.

wsoutlaw871448d ago

I would think this is a big deal if it actually shut down but I never have issues playing during these maintenance times

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sevilha821448d ago

It´s 19.00 pm in Lisbon time(wich is the same as Grenwich) ,i´ve been log in every day this month and i can´t play Batllefield 4.

My only day off this week and i can´t play .
I love Sony but this shit is annoying as hell,the tech exists for this to be in the past,why are whe still being cut off like this?
Especially now that is a payd service.

ScottyHoss1448d ago

They gotta do maintenance some time, and you can't really edit a network with people on it.There is no technology to allow them not to do this, you my friend just have bad luck.

LonDonE1448d ago

if they gotta do it some time, why is it xbox live is hardly ever down for maintenance compared to psn? this is not good enough for a paid service simple as that! why do people like u sugar coat it?

I game on all platforms and Playstation is my favourite but too many people this gen are cutting Sony too much slack!
Seriously why cant they update half the servers, while the other half are still on and then switch? if that's even possible!
I dont care how they do it, if xbox live is hardly down then psn needs to up their game!

I am a realist and i keep it real, Sony needs to sort out allot of crap but i hate to see people blindly always acting like they are perfect! kinda like delusional nintendrones who still deny wii u and nintendo is having any problems!

The fact that we had to pay to play online now as valuable as psn plus is, it blew my mind how in e3 when Sony sneaked the pay to play online model into their conference and it practically flew over most gamers heads! nearly everyone i knew didnt realise what they had done.
I for one clocked onto it straight away and was mighty pissed, but most didn't care since they thought of Sony as the saviours.

Sony deserves credit for not following Microsoft and the greedy publishers like ea, with the drm crap, and always online, but regardless charging for online, and then not making the online service as good as the competitor (xbox live) is just not good enough!

Sony drones can thumb me down all they want, but the facts are facts.
PSN is good, but is just not as good as xbox live or steam! as a user of all three, yes i admit psn is near enough equal to xbox live, is better value then live and performs for me pretty much on par.
And the sales on PSN are EPIC, like steam but not as good but great compared to live.

But when it comes to updates, down time, maintenance etc Sony are far behind steam and xbox live.

Deadpoolio1448d ago

Xbox live especially on the 360 uses PvP connections there are no servers to maintain...Which is exactly why Live is barely ever down....Certainly worth that $60 a year for PvP

Nekroo911448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I also live in Portugal and i dont have any problem playing Bf4 online or any other game. Check you NAT but sometimes BF servers are down so im not sure

Its working

sevilha821448d ago

It came back around 19.15 i´m playing now...

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