Game Developers Aren’t Ambitious Anymore

There’s a trend in the gaming industry of late. Whenever a developer starts talking excitedly about this amazing new game they’re working on for the PS4 or Xbox One they talk about the possibilities that “next-gen” tech opens up for them and how much more they can innovate now.

However, it's all being done in a safe, homogenous way with few to none taking risks or having any inkling of ambition.

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ATi_Elite1481d ago

yes they are!

it's just that they are being held back by the Publishers who ONLY see Dollar Signs therefore would rather make a generic shooter or a WoW clone instead of doing something original.

Christopher1480d ago

No more need to be said than the above. Publisher suck away passion. It's why you see so many developers starting Indie companies now. Other than they have more potential for making money with one good Indie than they ever could slaving their years away under the thumb of a publisher.

Hicken1480d ago

Not only that, but this is the start of the generation; the most innovative games of a generation rarely ever come this early on.

Why are people so eager to complain about the lack of innovation this early as if it's somehow different from other generational launches?

MidnytRain1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )


"Why are people so eager to complain about the lack of innovation this early as if it's somehow different from other generational launches?"

Because it doesn't suck any less than it used to.

Conzul1479d ago

Yeah it's the same way in the TV and Music biz.
That's why crowdfunding is such a godsend.

quenomamen1480d ago

Some Devs are Artists pushing the medium cuz they love it and others just pump out the same tired crap every year for a quick sale. Yea I'm looking at you Call It Doodie makers !

WeAreLegion1480d ago

That's like saying movies are no longer creative because the most popular ones aren't doing anything new.

Or music is all generic because the most popular music is written by the same three hacks.

Game developers are certainly still ambitious.

RebelWAC1480d ago

Your comment is quite confusing. If you're saying that this is happening in general then you're correct. It's harder for us spot the innovators the more the industry is over exposing us to imitators.

DJ1480d ago

Are you kidding me? Game development has never been easier, and I've seen developers take enormous risks lately.

sadfeet1480d ago

I know man. Game developers like Sqeenix wants to keep moving forward but their fans keep wanting the same old two step. Gamers should make up their minds!

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