'Innovation & Diversity Of Games Has Gotten Worse' Says Dev

NowGamer: "Developer Steve Meretzky has raised concerns about free-to-play's impact on innovation, but says console games aren't doing much better."

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fonger081569d ago

Free to Play games provide the enticing and alluring aspect of "it's a full game" with a lack of exposure of the game's pricing elements, an "ignorance is bliss" setup. Hardly any dev or publisher is up front with a F2P game's full cost. This model leaves publishers to push devs to add little incentives to keep a player going, for that next character, level, perk, ect without the reward of acomplishment but rather, "please add $.99 to move on." It gives would-game devs the idea to cash in on simple ideas leaving "hooked" players locked in the Farmville's and CandyCrushes of the world. It's not exactly the general direction I'd like to see the industry going to.

ATi_Elite1569d ago

SOme F2P games are really good and those can be counted on ONE hand.

The rest just give you one level and then expect you to dole out cash for generic content.

PSVita1569d ago

Games are getting more and more expensive to make and too many studio are playing it safe. That's why indie games and even cellphone games are extreamly important. Not ever good game need to be 100+ hrs long, have multiplayer and have the greatest graphics known to man. I probably played Critter Crunch and Dead Nation more than any other games last gen (excluding demon souls).

3-4-51569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

The people running these Dev teams are SCARED.

They make easy, safe decisions that don't do anything for the genre.

* Gameplay > Graphics

* Art Style > Realistic Graphics

* Controls & Smooth Gameplay > Graphics

* I do like the mixing of genre ideas this past gen though. Sucks that not a lot of AAA dev's were doing that though.

* Also - Just making a New IP, isn't good enough.

- We want New IP's that are ACTUALLY GOOD games.

BG115791569d ago

This concurs with the downfall of Japanese studios.

XiNarutoUzumaki1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Asks for Innovation

Buys Call of Duty every year.

Gamers themselves are killing the industry. Innovating games like Tearaway and Brothers always sell like crap, but COD is always on top. SMFH

SixtyNine1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It's funny. We ask Devs/publishers to take risk but we aren't willing to.

BG115791569d ago

Yes but I would still prefer that Square-enix would make FF games just like before, instead of innovating to the point that the games are no longer FF games.

sadfeet1569d ago

@ BG

I think there's enough old school Final Fantasy clones around now that are more than enough to fulfill your nostalgia desires.


Who cares what games someone buys, just because someone buys COD (per your example) doesn't mean that they aren't a gamer that typically plays games in other genres. Who is to say that the sales of games like Tearaway and Brothers aren't also consumers that bought COD as well. The problem is that Publishers are shooting for broader and broader demographics, the whole there is something for everyone, as if all gamers should like the same thing. You say that Tearaway and Brothers sold like crap, but who is to say that they didn't sell to most of the audience that showed interest in the first place (that the market for those particular games just wasn't that big to begin with). Everyone might be "asking for innovation" collectively, but individually wanting innovation in the respective genres they chose to support.

Rockstar1569d ago

@ XinarutoUzumaki.

How do you not have more bubbles?
You are bang on with your comments. Gamers complain that they're sick of COD and they want something fresh and new. Titanfall is announced and gamers go crazy?

I don't get it either. Bubbles for you sir!

Baccra171569d ago

So instead of placing the blame where it belongs, you're going to blame a segment of gaming population that buys COD as if it's the entirety of gaming world? Really?

Jim Sterling was just talking about this:


The industry has done this to itself and has no one to blame but itself. No one told them to be sheep and chase after profits now while f'ing over there own future. They chose that. I rather watch the industry burn and spring anew with talent that has a brain than to play apologist for an out of control industry with it's head up it's own ass.

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hello121569d ago

Project Spark on xb1 and PC says differently.

Project Spark: Destiny Creation Contest

That game surprises me more every day.

Geekman1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Because nobody cares! You claim to care, but whenever something new is introduced, you dismiss it as a gimmick!

We want Innovation!

*Nintendo reveals Wii U gamepad.*

HISSSS! GIMMICK! We still want innovation!

*Microsoft reveals Kinect 2.0*

HISSSSSS! GIMMICK! (To be fair, though, that thing should've been optional.)

And it's not just with consoles! Let's use Ubisoft as an example.

We're sick of Assassins Creed! Give us something new!

*Watch Dogs revealed.*

You can hack everything? LOL, WHAT A GIMMICK!

You people make me sick.

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