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(CriticalIndieGamer)Carried on a wave of clever marketing and enough Youtube Yokels screaming “Game of the Year” and “10 out of 10” to fill a petting zoo, Coffee Stain has somehow managed to convince gamers that its “it’s SO bad, it’s GOOD” title is not only worthy of paying attention to but $10 to boot! Goat Simulator is admittedly a joke but at that price, the joke is on you.

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PudgeySan1421d ago

Here's my opinion on this game

Great fun, in short bursts. Can be completed in a few hours, but still worth the money. The controls are wonky, but just pretend the goat is a small four-wheel drive vehicle. I loved the music, I thought the wacky animations and graphics suited the game perfectly, and I hold farm-yard animal sims in high regards. Roll on Cow Simulator.

Buy it. I have been having great fun with it. Reviews are always from a critical standpoint. The bugs are hilarious and that is the point.. Who is lol

Alex_Boro1421d ago

Exactly, the game is tons of fun but you really can't take it seriously. If you love free roaming in games like saints row or gta this is your cup of tea.

psman0121421d ago

I completely agree! I preordered it so I got early access and me and my sister had a blast with it. Plus it's got workshop capability, so modders can go crazy with it. People need to keep in mind that this was just a tech demo/fun demonstration Coffee Stain Studios did, it wasn't meant to be a full game for the public. The public REQUESTED it!

TGR1421d ago

For an awful "game" :)

Allsystemgamer1421d ago

It's actually a lot of fun. How many games can you sprint across the street with a basket ball in your mouth flailing around bouncing off trucks then do a front flip off a trampoline and throw the ball at dancing dbags. As a goat? None other than goat simulator. The games a joke. Take it as one.

overrated441420d ago

So you can criticize something and call it awful, but the minute someone criticizes your ability to write a review you have to reply?

Geekman1421d ago

It's MEANT to be stupid. *Facepalm.* I've had alot of fun with this game. A game deserves a 1/10 when it's actually boring, and this game is far from boring. How dare they give it a lower score than Superman 64.

But it's not that big a deal.

Pintheshadows1421d ago

Hahaha. I actually think it is a brilliant novelty game. And the devs clearly know it. The description on Steam is wonderful.

WeAreLegion1421d ago

You can't possibly play this game and give it a 1/10.

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The story is too old to be commented.