Xbox Live Gold Members Get Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight Free in April


April’s set of free games for Xbox Live Gold Members will be Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight.

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neil3631121d ago

For free.....I'll take both of those thank you very much.

Dlacy13g1121d ago

Definitely 2 solid offerings. I remember thinking that Deadlight looked great but I wasn't convinced on the price. Hitman I already had but sold off so gladly will download and just have it for "when I feel like playing".

Bigpappy1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

I would like to thank Sony for bringing games With gold to Xbox

competition is a good thing

Back-to-Back1120d ago

Deadlight is pretty good. I got it on the winter steam sales.

DEEBO1121d ago

Where is my free xbox one game why Can't we get something?

Ittoryu1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

To be blunt there not old enough yet.

thejigisup1121d ago

Resogun, contrast, dead nation,mercenary kings, and outlast say helloooo

Chris_GTR11121d ago

its MS havent you learned they dont like giving things out for free. just look at the gwg free games , theyre all over 4 years old with exeption of this game.

xDHAV0K24x1121d ago

Nothing to give away yet. common sense bruh!

DEEBO1121d ago

Well why doi have like 8 or more free games on my ps4?
I mean they both came out in the same month of nov,the indie games or some better version of xbox 360 arcade games.

I mean how long do we have to wait? Day one ps4 gave us resogun.

Maybe you just own the x1 so you don't know no better but having them both i can tell you that x1 owners are getting the shaft.

JBSleek1121d ago

It just came out. How can you expect free games from it already?

jackanderson19851121d ago

rumor is it's kicking off in june (aka E3 time) so i'd say they'll announce something then....either one of the poorly received games like Crimson Dragon or Lococyle or if they wanna go really nuts something like DR3 (surprisingly good fun) or a gimped version of Forza (ala driveclub PS+ version)

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Glad I held out on deadlight ill be picking that one up. GWG is slowly improving I see.

xDHAV0K24x1121d ago


DaGR8JIBRALTAR1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Yeah..Dead light was the 1st arcade title I thoroughly enjoyed.'s strider.

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The story is too old to be commented.