This is What They Need To Improve and Add in Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 3 is a great game.

Sometimes, when one gets the platinum trophy for a game, there is just a need for a break from anything to do with that game for a little while. But having got the shiny platinum for Far Cry 3 - there was an urge felt to get more from the Far Cry franchise and the wait for Far Cry 4 became just a little bit harder.

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Finch1599d ago

All I care about is open user maps rooms. I loved when farcry first came out and I can open a room and any random person can join. This new system to play user maps just about killed it for me.

Pro Racer1599d ago

Yep a matchmaking filter so you can search for ranked matches as well as user-made maps would be nice. and a server browser is a MUST.