Microsoft AR Glasses Could Challenge Oculus, Morpheus

It's been a busy year for immersive gaming, with Facebook's $2 billion Oculus VR pickup and the debut of Sony's Morpheus headset for PS4. Could Xbox One augmented reality be next? If some recent Microsoft patents are any indication, the answer is most likely.

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micx1483d ago

Competition is always good, here's hoping they don't rush it.

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darthv721483d ago

Competition is good but its the wrong type of competition really. MS's AR competition is more than likely Google. Google Glass more specifically.

with VR you are totally immersed in what you are seeing. you basically cant see reality around you because your eyes are fully encompassed.

AR does not impede your view of the area around you as you can see right through the glass if you shift your focus. I dont really know if this would be for gaming but it definitely looks like it would work for productivity uses. Be it for their tablets/phones and PC apps.

christocolus1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Ms will definitly put that in mind while developing the theirs.MS R&D definitly knows immersion should always come first with a gadget like this. but for now nobody knows exactly what they have planned so lets wait for an announcement or something before anything else cos for all we know they could be developing something entirely different.

Could be an AR VR hybrid. Who knows? They have been working on this for a very long time now.

Angeljuice1483d ago


"Could be an AR VR hybrid. Who knows? They have been working on this for a very long time now."

I'm not sure how seriously they've been working on it though. Surely if they had put serious R&D cash into the project, they wouldn't have had to buy out that tech company. That smacks a bit of playing a quick 'catch up' to me.

fr0sty1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

That's the way MS does it... they rarely do much hardware research on their own, they just license or buy tech from other companies and then expand upon it on the software side, which is where their strengths lie. They did the same with Kinect.

ShinMaster1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

AR and VR are not the same thing. Not sure how this is direct competition.

VR replaces the real world with a virtual one. Immersing you in the game.

AR places a CG image on the real world you're already viewing.

Joe9131483d ago

I agree but think this is to compete with Google glass and will create something else for VR.

HugoDrax1483d ago


"That's the way MS does it... they rarely do much hardware research on their own"

Wrong, so wrong on so many levels. Hahaha you have no idea do you? Guess you haven't followed any Microsoft news or articles the past 20+ years.

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amnalehu1483d ago

This seems like something totally different. I'm not sure how this would "challange" or compete with OR or Sony.

rdgneoz31483d ago

Augmented reality vs virtual reality, different concepts.

pop-voxuli1483d ago Show
sYRes1483d ago

I'd rather have AR glasses then VR. I like to game for long periods of time and you just can't do that with VR unless you want to wreck your vision. People are already becoming nearsighted and VR is only going to make it worse. AR at least lets you look past it so you can relax your eyes.

Mariusmssj1483d ago

Do you have anything to back up your statement???

sYRes1483d ago

Myopia is common in the United States, with research suggesting this condition has increased dramatically in recent decades. In 1971–1972, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey provided the earliest nationally representative estimates for myopia prevalence in the U.S., and found the prevalence in persons aged 12–54 was 25.0%. Using the same method, in 1999–2004, myopia prevalence was estimated to have climbed to 41.6%.


I shouldn't have to provide common knowledge.

Mariusmssj1483d ago

sYRes what you copied and pasted there has nothing to do with AR or VR. Myopia is caused by genetic and environmental factors of which AR/VR would not be cause.

There is no point for me to write a long reply but I would suggest actually looking into how augmented and virtual reality work.
Read up on Parallax, Parallel and Converged focus and correspondence stereo matching.

rainslacker1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

I think he's using the irrefutable scientific proof that his mom told him that sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyes.

Something that is completely untrue.

One of many articles that say pretty much the same thing.

Prevelent quote

"At worst, sitting excessively close to the television these days will give you a headache and possible eyestrain. This can sometimes be a problem for kids, who often watch TV while lying on the floor; looking up at the television this way causes more eyestrain than looking straight at the TV or down at it. (The same applies for computer monitors.) Eyestrain can also occur when watching TV or looking at a computer screen where the light level of the screen is very different than the light level of the surrounding environment. Thankfully, eyestrain isn't permanently damaging, and is very easy to fix—just take a break from watching TV."

Muadiib1483d ago

You're talking nonsense, the optics in the oculus rift focus your eyes into infinity, this is the ideal state for your eyes, the place they rest at.

johndoe112111483d ago

"VR is only going to make it worse"

Do you have anything to back up your statement???

ScottyHoss1483d ago

He doesn't, just a fan boy

andrewsqual1483d ago

Eh guys, GDC 14 was like 2 weeks ago? This is as bad as them sitting around not announcing Xbone last year to completely miss GDC 13.

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