PlayStation Plus: Mercenary Kings and Batman Arkham City for Members

By Kristine Steimer: "It’s time for cat cannons and batarangs! Starting tomorrow, PlayStation Plus members get Mercenary Kings on PS4 and Batman Arkham City on PS3. In Mercenary Kings, team up with your friends and take down an evil corporation called CLAW. Along the way, be sure to look out for crafting components so you can pull together new crazy weapons like the cat-cannon or fish sword"

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xHeavYx1452d ago

Keep the great games coming

Thehyph1451d ago

So pumped for Mercenary Kings. I was going to buy it as soon as I saw it, so getting it for free = profit!

1451d ago
AgentSmithPS41451d ago

That sucks I can't get batman for PS4, I wouldn't care if it's ugly I just never got to finish it because my 360 got shafted by lightning.... sigh.

Ocsta1452d ago

Arkham City?? Madre de Dios.

il-JumperMT1452d ago

Arkham City? We had it last year in europhe HAHA

Rockefellow1451d ago ShowReplies(1)
stavrami-mk21451d ago

europhe didn't get any games last year and making up places is rather silly and rather stupid

Elda1451d ago

Was thinking about buying MK having PP now I don't have to just have to download it tomorrow,PP is the best!

incendy351451d ago

So PS3 subscribers get a graphics powerhouse and PS4 owners get an iPad game.. Nice Sony.

godofboobees1451d ago ShowReplies(1)
Porcelain_Chicken1451d ago

And owners of both get... (wait for it)... BOTH! *Mind blown*

I fail to understand why many people (Even very close friends) drop last gen completely the day a new console gen starts lol. Oh well.

FullmetalRoyale1451d ago

I wish I had the energy to sit here and explain these simple things to you... I just can't entertain ignorant(simply means lack of knowledge, NOT stupid) people any more.

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