"Mass appeal" is ruining games... but publishers are waking up

Dealspwn writes: "Who's sick and tired of publishers chasing the idea of "mass appeal" with classic franchises and new IPs - and ruining them in the process? With the likes of Fuse and Resi 6 still leaving a sour (and diluted) taste in our mouths, I daresay all your hands are firmly aloft.

Luckily publishers are waking up to this fact, even including some of the industry's more intractable companies."

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DanielGearSolid1387d ago

It's crazy that publishers ignore the fans that made it all possible in the first place

Big business makes everything worse
Ps2 era was the sh** for that reason. It was huge, but it wasn't business first. I'm gonna be frank, I still feel like MS turned this industry into a business first environment

Blues Cowboy1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Agreed, though I'd argue that MS actually pushed for great games until halfway through last-gen. The original Xbox was full of quality Japanese games, including awesome sequels to legendary SEGA franchises, and the X360 let indies onto XBLA for the first time.

Then, as you said, big business > awesomeness. Timed DLC became the norm, and Sony were left with the ball. They ran with it. Hard. Still playing through a massive PS3 backlog!

DanielGearSolid1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Original Xbox was great

360 started off great, but at some point, it felt like it was "forget creativity, where is the most money?"

owned a 360 and I feel like I got burned, especially after it scratched my first 360 disc, and my second one got the RROD.

Blues Cowboy1387d ago

@DanielGearSolid: That. All of that.

"A concise history of Microsoft."

I hope that [email protected] turns things around - and that some of the promising Xbox One exclusives live up to potential!

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hankmoody1387d ago

I just got RE6 for like $6 brand new and it's immediately apparent to me after maybe ten minutes with it that they just did not have their heart in making that game.

WeAreLegion1387d ago

Sad, isn't it?

It's like they sort of knew what we wanted, but gave up. Sure, there are zombies. Sure, some of the original characters are back. Sure, the environments are darker. But they screwed up the mechanics, the writing, and pacing.

WeAreLegion1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Hey look. That thing we said would happen years ago is happening. Good luck with all of that, publishers...

Edit: Agreed. It's depressing, too. Or they could leave the franchise alone for awhile and focus on a new franchise. Maybe even a new horror franchise. It's making a comeback!

hankmoody1387d ago

At this point, they may as well just go full reboot. The story makes no sense whatsoever and it's just not scary anymore. I recently replayed RE4 and dammit if that game still isn't spooky in parts!

Godmars2901387d ago

If such were true why is a FF clone, from crystals to summons, being used as example?

More to the point if Square has indeed learned anything, why are they talking about pushing out squeals for it on a yearly basis?

curtis921387d ago

This article makes my day.

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