New Unreal Engine 4 Horror Title “Caffeine” Begins IndieGoGo Campaign

OnlySP: Currently being crowdfunded over at indiegogo, Caffeine is a psychological horror adventure game with high attention to story and graphics. It’s currently being developed by a single man by the name of Dylan Browne.

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PockyKing1603d ago

Unreal Engine 4 is really pretty. Can't wait to see more games using it. This looks pretty interesting as well though, and it's being made by one guy.

1603d ago
ninjahunter1603d ago

Its got quite the name to live up to

hkgamer1603d ago

It's quite amazing, however I don't believe that %80,000 is enough.

I mean he is only working on this game by himself and it looks like he hasn't done too much unless there is alot more content that he hasn't shown that was built on the older unreal 3 engine.

He mentions early 2015, but I think for 1 person to create a game on a brand new engine to release a game within a year is pretty hard. he mentions that he has been many things in recent years from visual effects supervisor to poster designer but hasn't mentioned much about being a programmer.

He also never mentions about hiring other help so I think this will be one tough project. I think the game Gone Home took over 1 year to make from scratch but they had 4 people on the team and was made on unity which is meant to be an easy engine to make games on.