A Letter From Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director, Turn 10 Studios

Dan Greenawalt - This year marks the 12-year anniversary of Turn 10 Studios’ founding and, next year, we’ll celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the original Forza Motorsport on Xbox. That seems like a long time ago, and not just because it was a long time ago. Since we began Turn 10, we’ve all grown… professionally, personally, and otherwise. We’ve gotten older, some of us have started families, and we’ve all benefitted from the perspective that only time and experience can offer.

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Axios21568d ago

Great games, really enjoy them.

Got to buy another wheel now though

otherZinc1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Thanks Dan!

DLC Request: a "Stock Car"
I'll paint it.

Looking forward to the April update. Hope that "Stock Car" is in it...

1568d ago
Niv1568d ago

Seems like he goin to resign

DryBoneKoopa851568d ago

We’ve built some great history together, all of us. Today’s fundamental changes to Forza Motorsport 5 have been made possible in large part because of the unwavering passion and dedication of you, the Forza Motorsport community. We are a fan-driven series, and the steadfast dedication you have all shown the Forza Motorsport series over the years continues to be a source of inspiration to me, and to everyone here at Turn 10.

This is important. We’re just getting started! In early April, we’ll have another announcement about a free add-on to Forza 5 that I think you guys are going to love.

@Niv: Looks like you didn't read the article and only read the header.

OT: Sounds like there is much more in store for Forza/Racing fan's.

jackanderson19851568d ago

ah in Niv's defense when you get something like "A Letter From Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director" followed by the description you'd naturally leap to he's resigning, happens so often that way.

that being said yeah reading article always important but even still u could say maybe he's resigning... pumping it up before he leaves like

DryBoneKoopa851568d ago

@Jack: When I see sentences that begin with "We're" which would be including him as well as the Forza team it leads me to believe he has no current or future plans of leaving.

I think this is more of an open fan mail appreciation letter. To let the fan's know they are still working hard to bring them great content and that their will be much more in store in the future. It's nice when a dev comes foreword and gives his fans/consumers some appreciation/reassurance.

akaFullMetal1568d ago

Hopefully some AA will be added to the next iteration of Forza.

curtis921568d ago

I look forward to Forza 6. 5 just felt too gimped but has a lot of promise. I think 5 is a shell of what 6 will be.

dumahim1568d ago

Too late. Been done with the game for months now.