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Submitted by Electro_UK 685d ago | screenshot

New Screenshots From The Forest Posted Online

VRFocus - Endnight Games has released a fresh batch of screenshots for its upcoming survival title, The Forest. The 5 new shots, which can be seen below, give us a glimpse at the title’s enemies, settings and weapons as well as the graphical fidelity. The developer also revealed the price point for the alpha version of the title, set at $14.99 USD. It will release on Steam Early Access on $14.99 USD. (Oculus Rift, PC, The Forest)

TheBurger29  +   685d ago
Awwwwwww yea cant wait! Especially when the co-op is finished! :D I am one happy camper
appleritz6  +   685d ago
Please come to PS4 swiftly!
Clover904  +   685d ago
I can't wait to play this with Oculus Rift, but I think I'll have to switch to the computer monitor during the night segments to prevent a heart attack :-)
Rickgrimes95  +   685d ago
Really want this on ps4
3-4-5  +   684d ago
I don't like games meant just to scare me, but this looks really interesting.
webeblazing  +   684d ago
What engine this game uses it look amazing. And OR support I hope OR is going to launch with a higher version than 1080p

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