Amazon plans New York showcase - time for the Amazon console?

MCV writes: An event later this week could well be the launch platform for Amazon’s long-rumoured Android console.

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Lawboy21603d ago

I really hope not...I really really don't want amazon to come out with a console

jhoward5851603d ago

Amazon controller looks extremely uncomfortable.

chrissx1603d ago

Affirmative. it does look uncomfortable

1603d ago
stavrami-mk21603d ago

amazon is my most used goto shop ………but this is an absolute travesty :-/

WeAreLegion1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Things working against Amazon:

- No experience in the industry
- Few exclusive developers
- No established franchises
- Crowded industry
- They bought Double Helix. That's like buying a diseased elephant for your new circus.

Things working for Amazon:

- No preconceived notions about quality
- Best customer support in the world

Based on the icons of the controller, this is simply another Android platform...though likely with more restrictions.

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