Amazon plans New York showcase - time for the Amazon console?

MCV writes: An event later this week could well be the launch platform for Amazon’s long-rumoured Android console.

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The_Infected1270d ago

Most likely true. I'm not excited at all and have no hopes for their console. It's most likely another Android console and want compete with the big three at all.

bggriffiths1270d ago

You have to wonder 'why bother' after the dismal showing of the Ouya. Plus, why would you play a mobile title on your TV?

Video streaming shiz makes sense though.

How about a Steam Box rival though, i.e. a 'proper mini pc'? No? I'll see myself out.

ikkokucrisis1269d ago

I don't like this. They've already prevented a few big name Android games from being released to any platform but their Kindle.

DeadlyFire1269d ago

Its all about the specs though and Ouya has 10 year old specs. Amazon could have a device at least comparable to WiiU on the Andriod platform if they have the right GPU.

Lawboy21270d ago

I really hope not...I really really don't want amazon to come out with a console

jhoward5851270d ago

Amazon controller looks extremely uncomfortable.

chrissx1269d ago

Affirmative. it does look uncomfortable

The_Infected1269d ago

"Amazon controller looks extremely uncomfortable."

Just hold the Onlive controller and you'll know what it feels like. It's nearly a carbon copy other than the stick locations.

stavrami-mk21269d ago

amazon is my most used goto shop ………but this is an absolute travesty :-/

WeAreLegion1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Things working against Amazon:

- No experience in the industry
- Few exclusive developers
- No established franchises
- Crowded industry
- They bought Double Helix. That's like buying a diseased elephant for your new circus.

Things working for Amazon:

- No preconceived notions about quality
- Best customer support in the world

Based on the icons of the controller, this is simply another Android platform...though likely with more restrictions.

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