PvP: Single vs Multiplayer Experience

Welcome to a new TechRaptor feature PvP! This is where our Raptors will go head to head against a tech or gaming issues, fighting for what they believe is right. Who will win? You help us decide! Join in the conversation in the comments, even suggest an issue for us to battle it out! First up is the age old question of why people buy games. Is it for the single-player experience or is it for the multiplayer experience? Some games just slap it on as an addition to just appeal to more of an audience, others are starting to leave it off all together. Let’s see what Raptors Mike and Aaron have to say about it. Hit up the next pages to see their argument. Who do you think is right, let us know!!

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TheAmericnDream1599d ago

I'm a single-player man myself. But the right teammates can definitely pull me into a good multiplayer game.

Shadonic1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

good to see you at least you have exceptions. I usually run into to people who are so afraid of the addition of multiplayer being bad or useless and constantly bringing up the multiplayer introduction into games from AC and Batman series leaving out the fact that they were basically spin off side projects for money grabs both of which weren't even worked on by the main people who lead the previous iterations to their current status.

For me it depends upon if the multiplayers something good that will keep me and other players coming back without being a major influence on the production of the story and most of all fun.

ATi_Elite1599d ago

There are games known for their SP mode and there are games known for their MP mode.

few games do both really well. Halo, COD, Arma most MMO's both have great SP and MP modes and it just all boils down to what you like.