'Titanfall' review: An innovative shooter plagued with issues | Examiner

"Titanfall", as the name suggests, is a unique take on the FPS genre involving wall-running, jetpacking, and calling down giant bipedal death machines down from the sky. Developer Respawn's take on the shooter mold is to make it three-dimensional and tune the speed of the gameplay up a few notches, a refreshing twist in a genre so populated with indistinguishable and unimaginative titles you could probably pick at random and be no worse off. "Titanfall" attempts to do away with the mold while keeping enough of the quick gunplay to tempt fans of the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. In this, the game succeeds wildly though it is not without some serious faults. This review is for the PC version.

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TRS_Gear1570d ago

This is kind of disappointing coming from a website with their credibility. It seems that the reviewer really enjoyed the game with the exception of connection issues that were seemingly entirely on their end. I have never had connection issues with this game, I get into lobbies before I can blink. Perhaps it is because my router is already setup per XBL recommendations.

I think "Plagued with issues" is a gross over exaggeration. I feel it is a very polished title.

gamernova1570d ago

It said it was for the PC version. With that being said, there is minor lag every once in a while but the nice thing about dedicated servers is that the lag impacts everyone so no one has an advantage. Again, in my experience, the lag is very scarce but it is something I noticed. Other than that, I am playing at 1440p and it looks awesome. No complaints. A very awesome game!