Alien: Isolation Preview - Monstrous potential, but with a great big "If" | Dealspwn

Dealspwn is impressed with Alien: Isolation's pre-alpha build, but worries about a potential pitfall.

Dealspwn writes: " Following my footsteps, the Xenomorph stalks past the locker grille, and for a split-second I think I'm safe as I peer through the slats. No such luck. It wheels and thrusts its eyeless muzzle up against the door, all fangs and slime. I shrink back from the grille, willing myself to sink into the darkness and hold my breath -- both in the game and in real life. Please, please, please just walk away! After what felt like an eternity, the chitinous horror finally sloped back down the hall and I let out a sigh of desperate relief. I've survived... but the Alien is still out there. Waiting. Hunting me.

If The Creative Assembly can sustain this fear throughout the campaign, Alien Isolation could well become the best and most chilling survival horror game we've seen in some time, not to mention an outstanding tie-in. That's a seriously big "if," mind, and the uncomfortable question hanging over what is otherwise a very impressive debut."

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sigfredod1571d ago

I think that concern about maintain the horror all the game, is not that is necesary to be a great survival game, not a single survival horror game or movie try to keep you afraid the whole time, if they deliver a good story, with good characters and mechanics plus the horror sequences mixing correctly the elements will be the key

Blues Cowboy1571d ago

That's true - at the very least it will be a great stealth game from the looks of the pre-alpha! Expect big things from Isolation - especially since SEGA will be very keen to atone for CM with a quality comeback from a veteran studio (and a truthful marketing campaign by AAA standards, hopefully!).

Budobear1571d ago

This is my worry for the game, you can't keep up that level of tension all the way through. Films change tempo as they know you can't keep everyone on the edge of their seats perminately. Which is why most horror films will have moments when you know everyone is safe, even if its only for a few minutes.
How can you keep the game play interesting when there are only two characters, you and the Alien?

Blues Cowboy1571d ago

I guess CA will have to vary up the pacing with action sections - and perhaps some zero-G exploration? Crafting and items will bulk things out too, hopefully.

You're right, though, filling out a lengthy campaign will require a seriously nuanced challenge and pacing curve.

Allsystemgamer1571d ago

There's other human characters and an android. Ripleys crew.

Blues Cowboy1571d ago

Very true, though by the looks of the screenshots the Android isn't exactly in a healthy state! ;) Perhaps we'll fix it up.

RevXM1571d ago

And supposedly a few survivors.

Budobear1571d ago

I thought the place was deserted, well that's the impressions I got from reading other previews. It's deserted and that's what makes it unsettling as there are signs of normal life not long before you got there. Either way it's one to keep an eye on.