Post InFAMOUS: Second Son ~ What could Sucker Punch do next?

Sean of Jill Sandwich writes: InFamous: Second Son has been in the wild for more than a week and many are hailing it as a triumphant return for the series. The new protagonist, Delsin, is quickly becoming a fan favourite and the vast majority of review scores are positive (holding a metacritic average of 80 for critics and 8.0 by users). You can read our review here too.

Sucker Punch are currently hard at work on the DLC for the PS4 exclusive, which could include even more powers for our super powered Akomish rebel, but once they have finished, where do they go from there?

We have put out collective heads together and come up with a few spoiler-ific ideas for the future of InFamous (seriously, there are spoilers for all of the InFAMOUS games here).

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