Super Mario Kart - Nintendo eShop Trailer

The Nintendo eShop Trailer of Super Mario Kart.

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DryBoneKoopa851516d ago

Hope this hits the US virtual console this week. Was bummed to not see it last week. Oh well, I think this week see's the introduction of GBA games so I'm already super stoked. This would just be icing on my cake.

camel_toad1514d ago

When I was a kid I used to bribe my friends to play it with me so I could stomp them. I had to play john madden as payment - not that john madden wasn't fun too ;)

DC7771515d ago

One of the funnest games ever made.

LOL_WUT1515d ago

This and mario bros 3 should be nice guy to my VC collection can't wait ;)

crusf1515d ago

Didn't you hate Nintendo?

LOL_WUT1515d ago

No I just hate their business decisions I enjoy playing my WiiU can't wait for mk8 ;)

crusf1514d ago

Always that one guy who dislikes everything. Even Super Mario Kart:/

Bathyj1514d ago

God. So many memories. Almost worth buying a WiiU for.

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