Guess Who: The Arkham Knight

Rocksteady preps for a new Batman game and created a new foe by the name of Arkham Knight. Josh Miller of looks into possible men behind the mask.

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Pancit_Canton1452d ago

I hope someday in the future, Rocksteady would make a Batman Beyond game.

WeAreLegion1452d ago

Sadly, I doubt it. They want to move on to another series after Arkham Knight. We were all pretty hopeful for a Batman Beyond before they announced this. :/ I'm afraid we'll never see a good Batman Beyond game.

Darklordnick1452d ago

Good article, my guess is on hush but more than happy to be thrown a curveball

ZombieKiller1450d ago

I was thinking it was Hush too but I can't rule out the possibility it's Hugo Strange or Ra's Al Ghul as well. Ra's is obsessed with destroying Gotham and the only thing in his way is Batman. So get rid of the Bat....

Hugo Strange in the comics (after discovering Wayne's identity) became obsessed with the idea of becoming Batman and although (AC SPOILER) he "died" at the end, the Lazarus Pit IS right under Wonder Tower. Not to mention nobody ever stays dead.
Rocksteady said that the Arkham Knight is a new character, but they didn't say anything about the guy underneath at all.


Brazz1452d ago

Tony stark!!!!

jokes aside, this batman is Azrael for sure, i can see a bloodlust batman in the next game.

wannabe gamer1452d ago

how could it be someone we already know of when they have said they created this as an original character for the game

Braid1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Nicely wrote and full of content. We need more articles like this on N4G. As for the topic though, I still think its Red Hood a la Rocksteady in a different shell. His using guns and willingness to be the real Bat who isn't afraid of killing in order to bring dark justice reminds me of Jason Todd, it's got to be him.

wannabe gamer1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

i dont think its anyone. rocksteady and DC said they made this "original character" just for the game. if it turns out to be someone we already know then that would mean they didnt do what they said.

i do think it could be someone from batman/bruces past/events that we know of but not someone that we knew of during thetime or event that took place.
like maybe its someone he bested in training before he was batman that we never saw happen. they obviously have some sort of history since the knight mutters something about revenge.

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