Top Korean University recognises eSports - A step in the right direction?

South Korea has been at the forefront of eSports for a number of years. Whilst the majority of the world fumbled around at household LANs, Korea was developing an industry that has grown to massive proportions. Fast forwarding to today, eSports is a serious and legitimate industry in Korea with mainstream success and coverage.

It is now wonder that Korea once again takes a step to the next frontier of eSports by having a top university recognising eSports in its admission policy

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HanCilliers1597d ago

It's amazing how far eSports has come in Korea and how far it's behind in countries like South Africa

Choc_Salties1597d ago

As cool as this is, I'm curious about the maturation of the "sport" and the business and general practises behind it as compared to other "mature sports" already established, both from the amateur component and the pro component. For the most part, most of these things are seen from the "Pro" side of things...