Weird Torture in DayZ Reaches Creepy New Heights

T1 - “I gotta make sure you can’t run.”

Creepy takes on a whole new level in this DayZ video, where streamer, Syndicate, gets caught and tortured by a super weird dude who captures and tortures him in the oddest ways imaginable.

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ATi_Elite1600d ago

This happens like every hour in DayZ!

I've seen way worse and sicker kidnappings in dayz but then again this is a PG rated site.

ATi_Elite1599d ago

DayZ the Zombie Survival Simulator.

sourav931600d ago

OMG...LMAO...I can't even...

modesign1600d ago

seriously, pc gamers = virgins for life.

TheSaint1599d ago

I'm sure console players would be exactly the same.

mixelon1599d ago

Who're you talking about.. Syndicate? With 7 million subs i suspect he has more pulling power than you do.

Gamers are gamers.

solar1599d ago

you mean the people that make games for your consoles...alrighty..

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