Sony's E3 Press Conference Will Be a "Tight Fit;" Will Have a Decent Mix of Genres - Sony Dev

Sony’s E3 press conference is still well shrouded by Mystery, but today NeoGAF user DemonNite, who is known to be a developer at Sony, mentioned that there’s a lot to look forward to, including a healthy mix of genres.

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LonDonE1567d ago

YEP THIS E3 IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! so many wii-u games i want to see, i just hope nintendo stop being such cheap skates and actually give us a proper e3 instead of a laggy nintendo direct which just doesn't have the same impact that a on stage demo has!

On topic i already know Sony is going to bring their a game, i just hope it is not filled up with too much indie stuff, yes i like indie games, but i dont want to see the main e3 show from Sony full of them.
I would prefer a separate mini show for indie support, and the main show for the first party stuff we are all eager to see! uncharted 4 game play, Sony Santa Monica game, drive club footage and release date, and lots more.

I so wish Sony would fund shenmue, i have a horrible nightmare that microsoft just might do it, since that would be a good game to get Japan on board with the x1 release, and also the core gamers.
That and the fact that M$ has lots of money to spend on games even if said game doesn't sell that well and is more niche.

What would be great is if Sony or nintendo got shenmue 3.
Either way i cant wait for more X from monolith footage, more bayonetta 2 game play, and hopefully a Metroid wii u footage, and zelda wii u footage.

uptownsoul1567d ago

I hope all three presentations go big…BIG WIN FOR ALL GAMERS

abzdine1567d ago

mix of genres and FF15 tight fit?
does it confirm a new JRPG incoming?

We are still waiting for return of some PSone classics, i hope they happen at E3

chrismichaels041567d ago

Sony has continued to impress and steal the show every year at E3 for the last few years. I dont expect this years E3 to be any different. Im very excited to see what games Sony reveals, that will continue to fuel the huge wave of success the PS4 has enjoyed since it launched last October.

ZodTheRipper1567d ago

I feel like this is going to be the biggest E3 yet. Game development has come a long way in terms of optimization and organisation and it seems like finally the hardware is there to make anything you can imagine. Many developers want to start the new generation with a new IP instead of being shackled to their old IP's limitations so I'm expecting lots of surprises this year. Also, ambitious games like RIME or No Man's Sky show that the indie scene has become an important part of the industry. I for one am very excited to see what the next generation of games looks like and I can't believe it's only a few weeks left.

Ittoryu1567d ago

Nintendo already said they will skip E3 bro keep up man

MazzingerZ1567d ago

I wonder if they will show more from Shadow of the Beast, many seem to forget about that announcement last year

The canned space game SSM was working on could have been something for VR? An RPG would be great for that device...I wonder if the rumuored GG RPG has anything to do with it?

It will be a great E3!

videgamenext11567d ago

@Ittoryu dude that is from 2013,nice try though. Nintendo has already confrimed they will have a confrence this year.

MeLoveRamen1567d ago

I do not think that Shenmue would be exclusive to microsoft because as many people who want that game to be made that still gonna be a niche title that will not move xbones in japan. The only game i can see selling xbones in japan is a exclusive Final Fantasy and that ain't happening anytime soon.

josephayal1567d ago

cant wait for the separate mini show

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1567d ago ShowReplies(3)
UltimateMaster1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

They better show us a healthy dose of first party exclusives (and 3rd party) like we're used to in past E3s.

Back-to-Back1567d ago

Bring them rpgs Sony, namely Demons Souls II.

Chevalier1567d ago

They can release Demons Souls 2 after Legend of Dragoon 2 and Dark Cloud 3. :)

MEsoJD1567d ago

Why are people still hoping for Demons Souls 2? We just had Dark Souls 2... Oh wait, it must be the exclusivity thing?

gazgriff2k121567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

I really hope sony have ps move 2 up there sleeve to pair up with project morpheus the move was like the psp so much potential but had no support and design flaws holding it back

christrules00411567d ago

That would suck for the people that bought the ps camera though. I hope the morpheous has a bundle where there is everything we need in 1 bundle. I'm more curious about the software though.

XboxFun1567d ago

This is just all PR talk right everyone? I mean this is what Foxtrot and the rest of the circle say in other stories that hype up their company.

GTgamer1567d ago

Ever Since you got that one bubble you've shown your true fanboy colors its not a good look bra.

showtimefolks1567d ago

ms aid they want to be all about games and so does sony so we all win no need to hate on either. I would like to give phil spencer a chance because he really seems to care about games

E3 should be awesome here is hoping nintendo also have a great showing

3-4-51567d ago

First E3 in 2 years to be about JUST GAMES. For the most part that is.

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nope1111567d ago

Man oh man, i can't wait to see what announcements lies in E32014.

VforVideogames1567d ago

same here but if sony has 10 game announcements it means that 2 will come out this year 3 next year 3 in two years and 1 never 'cough'the last guardian'cough'

Magicite1567d ago

10 exclusives per year? Might be right, might be more.

DOMination-1567d ago


Ten game announcements? You honestly think that's likely? You realise that three years ago, Sony showed Motorstorm Apocalypse, Infamous 2, Killzone 3 but all three were announced pre-e3. The only surprise was Twisted Metal.

Two years ago there was Wonderbook and Battle Royale (already announced) and last year the only new games were The Order and Beyond Two Souls. So in recent times, Sony has a really BAD record of showing new games.

Now, let me provide a list of Sony first party studios and give a realistic run down of what you can expect:

Naughty Dog - The Last of Us (PS3 Port), Uncharted (already announced, and I don't think it'll be shown until e3 2015 - it was in pre-production when they teased it in November)

Santa Monica - The furthest of three games along was recently cancelled. I do not expect to see either of the other games this year.

Sony Bend - Very likely to see their project. We know they are working on a PS4 game and they've been quiet for a long time.

Sony San Diego - Only work on baseball games and I believe it'll be out before e3. Absolutely no evidence they are working on another game.

Sucker Punch - Only just released Infamous. Zero chance of having another game to show right now.

Team Ico - Surely time for TLG. However, in my view this doesn't count as it was already announced six years ago. Not a new game.

Sony Japan - Rumours of Demons Souls 2 which would be nice. Legend of Dragoon rumours too but if true, they would surely announce at TGS. I think we'll see SOMETHING from them, but it might be smaller games such as Rain, Puppeteer etc.

Evolution - Driveclub already announced/probably out by e3.

Media Molecule - Yes, very likely

Guerilla - Yes, new IP game likelky

Guerilla Cambridge - Unlikely, their game was just cancelled and it was probably just a crappy vita game anyway

SCE London - I'd love to see something from them, but they have been relegated to PS Home/Singstar/Buzz/Wonderbook duties in recent times. I wouldn't expect a big title from them this year.

Polyphony - Too soon for GT7.

As for second parties, we know about Ready at Dawns project and the only other significant one is Quantic Dream whom I again feel is too soon for another game announcement.

Realistically then, I feel we will see games from MM, Guerilla and Sony Bend for sure. As my evidence has proved, it's unlikely we'll see much else from their studios.

Three games is still ok but when you remember Sony's track record that says for every Uncharted, there's a LBP Karting, Singstar, Sorcery AND Medieval Moves (4:1 ratio), the future doesn't look so bright.

But at least it has some timed exclusive indie games

_FantasmA_1567d ago

Nobody's going to read that. Write a book dude.

DigitalRaptor1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

What really matters is what they deliver, and they always deliver.

You mention that roughly 3 games are announced from Sony at E3, but then each year, they have over 10 exclusives. It's what you deliver at the end of the day, not what you hype up or expect from a single conference.

Sony spreads out their announcements at different gaming shows across the span of the year. GDC, Leipzig, PAX, Gamescom, IndieCade, E3, TGS, Destination PlayStation, and more.

And several of the indie games Sony has planned for their platform (many of them not timed exclusive, but full on first-party) have AAA production values.

showtimefolks1567d ago


last 3 years of xbox360 ms only showed kinect games mixed in with halo,gears forze etc,

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1567d ago

This is going to be an E3 to remember for sure.

jessupj1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

I'll never forget last year's E3.

Sony single handedly saved console gaming as we know it. In those crucial 3 minutes, it was literally going to decide the fate of the industry and Sony pulled through for the gamers.

I'm sure this year's E3 is going to be a blast with MS and Sony trying to out do each other, but no game, no matter how unbelievably amazing will ever top Sony's stance on DRM.

And for anyone that disagrees, feel free to tell me in great detail how badly you want MS to take away your basic consumer rights. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

marlinfan101567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

what about sony planning on doing the same things MS announced? thats all okay though because they changed their mind about it before MS right?

if MS didn't receive the backlash they did, sony would've announced the same policies

Dewitt1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

This is correct, due to the backlash MS got by going first. Sony took the backdoor to drop all policies and take several jabs at MS. This paid off for them, but people are crazy to think this was not a collaboration between them that Sony went back on.

EXVirtual1567d ago

@Daniel and Dewitt,
that article is actually inaccurate. Here's a few articles months before E3 and one after E3, negating what you're stating.
You see, the negative response from MS' DRM policies gave Sony a chance to capitalize on the fact that they had confirmed that no DRM would find it's place on the PS4, months before the reveal of the Xbox One.
On topic- can't wait for E3. Can't wait to see the new games.

jmac531567d ago

You guys are implying that Sony changed their policies mere hours after Microsoft's conference, which is not the case. Policies don't change that quick. They may have seen the internet rage to the rumors and backed off months before.

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Majin-vegeta1567d ago

Legend Of Dragoon 2 and a new Bloody Roar and I'd be all set :D.

TRD4L1fe1567d ago

The greatest RPG and fighting game in my opinion to ever been made.

I think my balls would explode in pure excitement if they annouced LoD2

Inception1567d ago

I got the feeling that sony will show The Last Guardian, Legend of Dragoon 2, Wild Arms 6, or maybe a brand new RPG from Japan Studio.

AceBlazer131567d ago

Alice the Rabbit, Shina the Leopard.A new Bloody Roar would be heavenly, one of the best fighters I ever played next to Rival Schools and Tekken.

calis1567d ago

Every E3 and TGS I hope for Legend of Dragoon 2.

Still holding out hope.

maniacmayhem1567d ago

A new Bloody Roar! *faints*

I have been saying this for a long time on this site but Bloody Roar needs to come back suited and re-booted.

Next gen Tekken like graphics, with the design and controls of the first two Bloody Roar games.

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bjmartynhak1567d ago

I thought that DemonNite would have more concrete things to say...

pyramidshead1567d ago

You realise he works within the industry, right? So him being able to say anything concrete is definitely a no no.

Abriael1567d ago

Dude doesn't wanna get fired. I'd stay vague myself if I were him.

bjmartynhak1567d ago

I know, but he is one with a nice record of being correct. That's why I expect a bit more from him (more than something from Thuway for example).