Could 2014 be the year the console First Person genre finally evolves?

GamePointsNow looks at how the first person titles of 2014 could breath new life into a tired genre

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parentoftheyear1447d ago

Good read. I think we. Will see a lot more of the survival horror type games. They are OK to me, but I like my weapons. :( as for awesome innovated fps gameplay, maybe bigger maps more players, because a lot of people to kill in a decent space to do it is fun. Planwtside 2 looks great.

BlueCroup1447d ago

Thanks. I agree about the horror games, seems to be a bit of a trend lately.

Hopefully as devs start to get more out the systems we will see bigger, more interactive maps and player counts

blitz06231447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Mirror's Edge was basically the only game that kind of made first person games look different to me

Patrick_pk441447d ago

The Forest is looking like an amazing survival horror.

PCGamingNoobs1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

bring back third person tactical shooters anyday!!

No_Limit1447d ago

I am very curious to see if the rumored Raibow Six Patriot can revive life into the so what dormant Tactical shooter genre.

fardan851447d ago

Well, I'm keeping Alien + Destiny + Evolve under my radar.
I hope each studio can deliver great unique experience.

BlueCroup1447d ago

After getting hands on with Alien this week I cannot wait til October

fardan851447d ago

Lucky you.
I saw a vid for it only and it seems good. I wish we can get a proper horror game.
I wanna see more gameplay of the game in E3.

Inception1447d ago

Personally i'm tired with FPS, especially millitary FPS. That's why i'm waiting for more first person games like Mirror Edge, Portal, and Amnesia.

Hopefully Mirror Edge 2, SOMA, and Alien Isolation will satisfy my lust for first person games that not forced me to always shoot the enemies.

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