Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes high in European sales charts

March 20th (and March 21st for the UK) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was released in Europe. Here is how the newest installment in the franchise did in several European countries.

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ikkokucrisis1485d ago

Price drop there really helped. Might be high in sales here too If it wasn't $30.

hkgamer1485d ago

in Uk the digital version for PS4 was £25($41.68 according to Google).

I think people in UK are more uninformed in gaming. Not talking about the gamers who read about games on internet.

Or it could be that the MGS fanbase is bigger in Europe.

beebap1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Last paragraph for me not explained well.gz is still second in uk charts. Of course infamous 1st. We bought phyiscal copy for £23

Pillsbury11485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Konami sure is making bank from this.

higgins781485d ago

This. I would suggest 'next gen' has not started well for Microsoft and Sony fan boys, most games - if not all - playable on previous systems at a far, far cheaper price...suddenly the Wii U doesn't look quite so sad?

I'd like to add, I own a PS4 having enjoyed my experiences with my PS1, 2 and 3, its just a shame about the terrible launch minus PR.

MasterCornholio1485d ago

Or you could just buy it on the PS3 since the Wii U version is barely better than it.

Gohadouken1485d ago

I doubt they are people we can even pity . They choses themselves to get a more enjoyable version or not gimped versions of some of those games .

And a few of those as we know had passes to help transition cheaper like nba 2k , ac4 , bf4 etc ...

And most multigames arent launching at an higher price so far . MGS GZ is its own exception and oddity

BattleReach1485d ago

Here in The Nethetlands it sells pretty well too!

Current gen €20 ($27)
Next Gen €26 ($35)

jbwhitesnake1485d ago

not paying that for nothing more than a trial game shove it.

S-T-F-U1485d ago

This is bad news. They now know people will pay for demo's. Let's just hope this doesn't start some sort of sad trend.

Batzi1485d ago

Not every game is Metal Gear.

higgins781485d ago

Yes, some games are a lot, lot better, I could name a tonne...

Besides, it seems almost you are advocating this sort of practice depending on a particular franchisees success, I'm sorry, I don't see Nintendo following this trend, unless of course you are saying Nintendo don't posses far, far more better franchisees than the often very good/sometimes poor MGS series.

Protagonist1485d ago

I know no demo that has at least two hours of gameplay, besides it is extreme cheap for the PS3 and the reviews are excellent...

I´m getting it in few days.

higgins781485d ago

Defending the indefensible, fair play. Sod it, why don't Konami simply carry on this model and never release a full game again, instead release every 'new' game in chapters.

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