Videogames Are A Multi Billion Dollar Distraction

An opinion column which talks about real-life problems and how gaming in moderation is a great escape but cannot be allowed to become a crutch.

Quote: "And this is, in many ways, where gaming comes into the mix. You see, we all have problems and we all have to face them every day of our lives. Some of us have small ones; which t-shirt to wear today or whether or not their significant other loves them. Others have slightly more drastic issues such as actual debt and whether or not their significant other loves them after fifteen years of marriage. But at the end of the day, we have videogames and that affords us the opportunity to escape from our problems into another land, at least for a while, assuming we can actually forget about our problems for long enough to effectively do so.

However, all things in moderation, it starts to become a problem in and of itself when we are constantly using gaming to get away from our problems, meaning that the escapism soon devolves into more of a crutch. Suddenly we’re not just escaping our problems for a short while but we’re distracting ourselves entirely from the situation as it stands. We are hiding, in a sense, behind our entertainment. "

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dragon_rocks1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Anything which is non essential for sustaining human life is a distraction only. Anything other than food, medicine, facilities to improve our productivity directly can be considered a distraction. Be it movie, sports, work of fiction, gaming, tv series etc. are all million/billion dollar distractions only.

hkgamer1543d ago

sports and a active lifestyle helps your body therefore improving productivity.

Also movies, gaming can be stress relievers therefore improving productivity.

Though I guess you knew that. I know it's hard to summarise your opinions in a sentence. I just want to be an ass and disagree :P

FriedGoat1543d ago

I can agree with Sports and an active life style being a form of "medicine" as they are beneficial to your health. The rest is just nonsense.

LightofDarkness1543d ago

No, exercise is what's important and essential. Sports are frivolous, just as much so as anything else mentioned above.

dragon_rocks1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


Stress relievers are distractions only. You relieve your stress by distracting yourself from the strain/problems you are having.

About sports comment I meant about those who watch sports but not get involved in them. They are using it as a distraction.

I am active in sports and an avid gamer. My response was mainly towards the article isolating gaming as an expensive hobby used as a distraction.

hkgamer1543d ago

Misunderstood your meaning of sports.

As for the other comments. You maybe right, I just did a stress management dissatation many moons ago. Got a 92% grade but admittedly from a 3rd rate university. So I do know a little on this topic. I may however took this topic way out of context and I apologise for that.

hkgamer1543d ago

The countries economy or worlds economy? that's not of your concern. Unless you can do something about it? but i highly doubt that.

If it really does affect you then just move.

Distraction is nice, but you need to limit yourself.

I guess this article is kinda more for the addicts.

mhunterjr1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Yeah, any form of entertainment is a 'distraction'...

And like any form of entertainment, if you invest an unhealthy amount of time, energy, and money into it, it could adversely affect other aspects of your life.

Picnic1543d ago

EVERYTHING is a distraction.

Existence itself is a distraction from non-existence.

There's nothing peculiar about videogames in that sense other than that they can present very abstract worlds that provide a logical consistency often missing from the real world.

In what game, for instance, can you play a clever child neglected for years on end by their parents, giving sub-par schooling, few friends, a bad choice of jobs, few adult figures worth looking up to?

Some games contains aspects of these but hopefully none are so boring that you could play that 'life' for years on end. But if you really are living that life at least videogames will give you a sense of fantastical enjoyment that real life can so rarely give in many places around the world.

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n4rc1543d ago

Distraction from what?

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