Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III News at E3; Square Enix: "JRPG Fans Are All Over the World"

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda mentioned that news about Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will come at E3. He also recognized that JRPG fans are all over the world, and targeting them with future games can bring good results. Finally He also admitted that the company may have been overly focused on seeking to globalize their target and getting new users, resulting in games that lost focus on their core target like Hitman: Absolution. He promised that the next Hitman will go back to its roots.

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DarkLordMalik1512d ago ShowReplies(3)
nope1111512d ago

I want another Final Fantasy XV trailer please.

TheLyonKing1512d ago

i would much prefer a live demo at e3 but another trailer would siffice

Kurisu1512d ago

Preferably a trailer WITH a release date! But that's asking for too much so I'll just take the trailer lol.

thejigisup1512d ago

Since the game was announced in 2006, may even. I expect more than just a trailer. A game this far in development. Rather, this long in development rally should have more to show than just a trailer. A guaranteed and Realistic release date, a hands on demo, and maybe a handy from Nomura is really the only acceptable thing that can do at e3.

Nate-Dog1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Expecting more will lead to a high probability of disappointment. I like what I'm hearing about what they've learned at least from titles like Hitman: Absolution and the fact that they may go back to having a large focus on deep JRPGs. However, I don't see any sense in expecting anything more than a short trailer at E3. Regardless of what Matsuda or Nomura or anyone at SE have to say currently, this pattern hasn't changed and the game doesn't seem an amazing amount closer to release now than it did a year ago.

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Last_Boss1512d ago

Told you so!!

Rock on SE

chrissx1512d ago

This is good 2hear. Go back to the roots of what made your games amazing

goldwyncq1512d ago

Release date at E3 please.

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The story is too old to be commented.