inFamous: Second Son Firmly Holds The Top Spot Against MGS V and TitanFall In Its Second Week In UK

GearNuke: "inFamous: Second Son is a PS4 exclusive from Sucker Punch, and it seems to be doing really well in term of its sales. Not only it gave the PS4 hardware a boost in sales, it also debuted higher than any previous inFamous games. According to Chart-Track, inFamous: Second Son is still the top selling game in its second week of sales in UK."

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buzzkiller61421575d ago

The sales gap between them shrinks from 15,000 units to 3,000 with ‘Titanfall’ (-42%) also stuck at No3, only 100 units behind Metal Gear this week.

titanfall is holding on really well considering its its third week

thereapersson1575d ago

Sucker Punch deserves all the accolades it can garner for delivering such an amazingly engrossing, richly detailed next generation experience. So early in this console cycle and we are already seeing games this gorgeous, imagine what we'll see in another year or so!

thrust1575d ago

On neogaf titanfall is second I this one it is third :/

abzdine1575d ago

i think that the fact MS haven't commented on the sales since TF release is a proof of this failure of a deal with EA.
MS know how NOT to well spend their money.

arika1575d ago

Wow! Good job sucker punch and sony and thanks for making a great game early in ps4 cycle!

Eonjay1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )


Do you have the link to the thread. You are probably right especially if they are doing individual sales by system. In other words, Titanfall probably outsold Metal Gear for Xbox One, but not when added to the PS4 Metal Gear SKU.

When taken separately, Infamous probably outsold Metal Gear PS4 by more than 3k.

Furthermore, if the second alt sources Chart-Track quote is correct and Infamous was ahead of Metal Gear by 15k last week, then there is something wrong with Vgchartz numbers:

chrismichaels041575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Congrats to Sony and Sucker Punch for the continued amazing success of Infamous. Its especially impressive to see Infamous succeed this much in a month jam packed with other big game releases that also included Titanfall, MGSV Ground Zeroes, South Park Stick of Truth and Dark Souls 2.

truefan11575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Since this is starting to turn into a Titanfall bash fest let's look at the complete picture the sales gap shrank from 15,000 to 3000 meaning that even though Titanfall has been out 10 more days it is about to regain the top spot, I imagine by next week. Titanfall is displaying staying power. Also don't forget there are approximately 230,000 more ps4s. The attach rate for TF is approx 40% 200,000/500,000 and 18% 130,000/730,000 for infamous. These are estimations using the unreliabke but you get an idea Despite what you want to believe Titanfall has been very successful. Also you guys keep mentioning marketing, you realize both games had commercials right? The main marketing for TF has been the Internet talking about it, even the ps4 fans downplaying it was a major factor. I=1838&s=1111 for the gap closing info.

UltimateMaster1575d ago

Neogaf =/= reality nor credible sources.
It's a forum.

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patrik231575d ago

Good job SONY and SUCKER PUNCH. Let's see if I:SS can be on top third week in a row.

wotta1575d ago

The sales gap is more than 3000. Not sure where you get your info from, but that's wrong.

BelkingOfSony1575d ago

More reliable than lolchartz

chrissx1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

No suprises.Infamous ss is a great game and nxt gen experience.I'm pretty sure its gonna be mostly like this with Ps4 exclusives this gen,As usual

5eriously1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

So Titanfall failed to sell a huge amount of Xbone's as expected and gets owned by another game in the EU regions?

The mostly overhyped, anticipated, advertised console seller of the new gen? /s

I cannot wait for the release of the real numbers very soon. Will make for great entertainment on N4G.

Seems like we will be enduring a lot of trolling buthurt from the #hopefools soon (wink)

/Rush to shop to stock up on popcorn!

DJustinUNCHAIND1575d ago

It's holding steady at third place after 3 weeks. Not including digital sales.

What makes you say it wasn't successful?

No_Limit1575d ago

He, like many here just can't fathom the thought that a non-PS game can also be good and sell well. It is normal protocol here, nothing more and I expect many more responses similar to his will appear shortly.

fei-hung1575d ago

I think he is talking about it being a failure in context of how much support, hype and marketing Titanfall had behind it compared to ISS.

1) Since its reveal, journalists and media outlets have hyped the Shit out of TF. ISS didn't get half the attention TF did and therefore it got a heck of a lot less publicity.

2) TF won awards since its reveal, ISS won nothing in comparison. Again, free marketing and hype.

3) TF comes from the founders and makers of the most beloved COD. ISS comes from a Dev that made prequels to a niche game. Yes ISS sold, but in comparison to a CoD or a uncharted, infamous barely sold.

4) people argue new IP vs established, but it is the new IP which has had all the support and backing from day one. It is the new IP that has set the Internet a blaze being touted as the next big thing into next gen gaming above and beyond any other game.

5) TF had a far bigger advertising budget compared to ISS.

Yes, success and failure is subjective. I personally do not think TF is a failure having sold almost a million units on 1 system at launch, but in context of everything it had going for it and going up against a game that has never sold particularly well which had very little support in comparison from journalists and their outlets, TF hasn't done as well.

Context is important. You can always argue that 25% attach rate is far better than what infamous has achieved. You could also argue x1 price drop and the game literally being given away free. However, add per your question, I believe the context was what I pointed out above.

harrisk9541575d ago

He means that it was likely not as successful as EA and MS had hoped on the XB1 platform. The game was HYPED beyond belief for the past several months and it is falling in the charts fairly rapidly, even though MS was giving it away with XB1s. Just anecdotally, I was in my local Best Buy (South Florida) and the guys there tell me that XB1 Titanfall bundles are collecting dust at the same time that they had no PS4s in stock and all copies of I:SS were sold out. And looking at the Amazon Top 100 list: it does not look good for the XB1 or Titanfall. PS4 is (and has been) holding steady at number 4, with I:SS at number 7 over a week (10 days to be exact)... XB1 Titanfall Bundle now down to 23 and Titanfall the game down to 35. I am not trolling. I am simply responding to DJustinUNCHAIND's question in an article on this very topic of I:SS vs. Titanfall sales.

kayoss1575d ago

I think wong fei hung here explained it very well.

player0021575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

are u stupid?3 week of sales of course titanfall is not number one anymore look at overall sales titanfall is way ahead sheesh.with that said good for infamous it is a good game but the lack of replay value will hurt overall sales in future as used copies hit stores where titanfall is online shooter much more replay value when the numbers are released for march everyone will see titanfall sold great and moved nuff XB1's

mediate-this1574d ago

It's just sickening that people agree with you, and you're so wrong. Titanfall boosted xb1 sales crazy and sold a million copies to a install base of four million. Stop with the anti titanfall propaganda.

idontcare1574d ago

some people are so stupid ... of course ISS sells better than Titanfall. It's an already established IP .. Titanfall is a completely new franchise.

besides that ... who cares about numbers? it's about FUN ... and Titanfall delivers!

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