Nintendo Download list: 3rd April 2014 (Europe)

Nintendo Insider writes:

With much fanfare, Game Boy Advance titles arrive on Virtual Console, as the more significant addition in this week's Nintendo Download list for Europe.

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WeAreLegion1511d ago

So excited for GBA games. I hope we see Pokemon on there, at some point. :)

Kyosuke_Sanada1511d ago

Advance Wars.......So many many hours.........

bigfish1511d ago

Advance Wars was an amazing game.. its a shame that Nintendo flopped with Wii etc after that, otherwise I would have stayed with them to play titles like this.

ZeekQuattro1511d ago

Metroid Fusion all the way. I might download Golden Sun when it drops as well. I still have the two original GBA carts but I wouldn't mind playing at least one on TV.

klecser1511d ago

Praying for an NA release of these titles...

Justindark1511d ago

hope these hit 3ds too!!