Star Citizen Flies Past $41,000,000 in Crowd Funding: Gets Procedural Tech to Create Whole Planets

Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen has been smashing crowd funding records over and over, and it just overtook the mind-boggling amount of $41 million in pledges, sitting comfortably on $41,002,708.

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FRAKISTAN1518d ago

what's the release date for this game?

Evil Rant Monkey1518d ago

Projection was first quarter of 2015, but with everything that keeps being added, there might be a delay.

lets_go_gunners1518d ago

There will be different builds that will be released. There a prepping a new build to give to the public now.

Akuma071518d ago

Haha, with all the stretch goals added, yes, yes there will be a major delay.

3-4-51517d ago

I hope this game is as epic as it seems it potentially could be.

Skate-AK1518d ago

Procedural Tech sounds cool. It's what has me excited for No Man's Sky.

ATi_Elite1518d ago

"creating entire planets worth of exploration and development content"

Soooooo does this mean we can get out of our ships and go wondering around on planets exploring, adventuring, and shooting in first or third person?

raresteak1518d ago

That's the vision.

At this point it's only at the RnD stage, though. Also, nothing's decided if third-person-shooting will be allowed. A lot of debate going on over that.

FPS has been planned from the start. On planets, or ships, or stations, or asteroids, or even floating around in space.

hkgamer1518d ago

I love how crowdfunding projects become some fad or viral kinda thing where it makes gamers want to join in or they feel left out of this record kind of breaking situation.

Not playing down on these projects at all or the company behind it but it will affect some developers choices in staying in big companies.

I think more and more game directors will start their own company to start a crowdfunding game to help them gain cashflow to create there own game.

The_KELRaTH1518d ago

I only went with Star Citizen because I enjoyed all Chris Robert's previous games so much.

$42,000,000 - Towel lol No galactic hitchhiker should travel without one :)

hkgamer1518d ago

I'm actually quite ignorant about this project.

I think my comment was more on a rant about crowdfunding and not this article or game sadly.

I do understand that this project has a higher average per fund than other projects normally found on kickstarter.

The_KELRaTH1518d ago

The Wing Commander and Privateer series were huge hits in the 90's. The game experience was quite different from other games in that it was almost like playing within a movie with AAA film stars.
The only other game dev I would crowd fund would be Geoff Crammond who developed the most complete and fluid F1 racing games I've ever played.

TwistedMetal1518d ago

Where can I buy stocks from this company?

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The story is too old to be commented.