Alien: Isolation Preview (Strategy Informer)

From "In space, so goes the saying, no one can hear you scream. What that saying doesn't tell you is if you do scream you'll attract the attention of an eight-foot-tall slobbering penis-shaped extraterrestrial and be hideously killed (or are in the process of being hideously killed by said extraterrestrial). Unless you're in an Aliens game of course, where you're stocked up with all manner of xenomorph-murdering tools from the humble Pulse Rifle to an armoured Power Loader. In recent years HR Giger's brilliant Alien has kind of lost its sting, without a good game to the franchise's name for 13 years and arguably no good movie for 22 years. Furthermore after mowing down millions of buggy badly animated creatures in Aliens: Colonial Marines any impact they once had is nearly gone. What's the solution? According to SEGA and the Creative Assembly, get back to basics and drop the 's'. ".

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starchild1569d ago

October 7th right? I can't wait for this one.

Angeljuice1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I'm really looking forward to this game. The only other Alien game that had that tight, claustrophobic experience of the movie was the 3DO game (Alien Trilogy). It probably wasn't that great a game but at the time it was the first and only FPS Alien title and was scary as hell to play.

I was hoping that future games would concentrate even more on the atmosphere and sense of foreboding but unfortunately all the others have been generic twitch shooters where the Alien could easily be replaced by virtually any other adversary without affecting the tone of the game.

This is looking like the Alien game I've been waiting for 2 decades to play (since having to give back my friends 3DO).

On a side note, the first Alien game I ever played was the text adventure game on the Vic20 (the predecessor to the Commodore 64 with a massive 5kb of memory IIRC). Anybody else here remember this game?

TheRacingX1568d ago

There was an Alien game on 3D0 ? I remember AvP on the Jaguar and Alien Trilogy on PS1....