Games to Watch, April to June 2014

Q2 2014 undoubtedly brings a good balance between brand new IPs and exciting game sequels that are sure to keep you on your toes no matter what your favourite gaming platorms are.

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Axe991511d ago

A pretty good range of games incoming given we've just changed console generations :).

No_Limit1511d ago

Good list but I see this is a AU list. Other noteble games on the list is MLB The Show 14, Kinect Sports Rival, and hopefully, The last of US on PS4.

Axe991511d ago

Aye, sorry, it's an Australian and New Zealand site, and while there's no questioning the quality of the MLB games, it's just not that big over here. Now, if there was a cricket game releasing, that'd be another story ;).

Gekko361511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Hmmm, only watch dogs blows my skirt up in this list.

That said, I have a horrible feeling that I'll be waiting a while for a game that will be good enough to stop me turning the console off in boredom.

Maybe I'm just not getting that certain something from it.

I need something simple, yet genius

mikescoates1511d ago

I'm on my toes for Bound By Flame and Final Fantasy XIV on the PS4. I never had a PS3 and my PC isn't up to scratch so it's my first foray into FFXIV, and I loved the beta so I'll be sure to be there for the phase 2 beta on 4th April.

I think in terms of PS4 gaming I'm quite lucky to have found a decent timesink early on, if not for FFXIV and being currently engrossed by the FFX HD Remaster on the Vita I'd be twiddling my thumbs waiting for Destiny or Tom Clancy's The Mission, those are my 'what I bought a PS4 for' titles.

Future releases may be sparse for some but I'm glad I'm being kept busy, its probably been about 7 years since I last had a dry spell.

TRD4L1fe1511d ago

so watch dogs, murdered soul susupect and kinect sports rivals. yea that should hold me over till Destiny. I hope

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