Microsoft’s Phil Spencer: News About “Internal Stuff” Coming Soon, Any News on Third Parties at E3

The industry is entering the two months leading up to E3 and fans are starting to be hungry for news. Microsoft Game Studio Head Phil Spencer mentioned on Twitter what you can expect in the near future and beyond.

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Iamnemesis48801487d ago

Maybe in the next update for the x1 the ability to have external HDD support.

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christocolus1487d ago

By soon does this mean we get to see some 1st and 2nd party games before E3? if thats true then i guess he wasnt joking about having too much to announce at E3 or maybe he needs to give us some info to quench the bloodthirst for

I wonder what new third party exclusives will be coming at E3? Maybe something from Capcom, namco, sega, square, namco, gearbox , bethseda, epic, ninja theory or even rockstar?.

whatever announcements will be made one thing is certain E3 2014 is going to be a blast.

Kavorklestein1487d ago

I can't believe you have 3 thumbs down for being excited about games!!! Have a Bubble!!!

christocolus1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

After a while you kind of get used to

Phil is constantly bombarded by fans on twitter asking him to spill info/details on upcoming xbox one exclusive games so i guess he is doing this cos of request from fans and according to his recent statement they already have more than enough to show at E3 so giving us some stuff now wont affect their E3 plans.

I also recently read an article about some potential xbox one exclusives (1st 2nd and 3rd party) and im hoping they all come true.

Thanks for the bubble up. Cheers.

XboxFun1487d ago

That's how this site is. Stick up for anything nonSony, disagreed and marked. Any negative opinion of sony or a sony game and marked for trolling.

shame really, its impossible for any fan of another system to get any bubbles past three on this site. There are a few but they got their bubbles long ago.

OlgerO1487d ago

Could just be that they feel that they need to announce some stuff fast to counter the disappointing sales

Dewitt1487d ago

Nice stealth trolling, this is the fastest selling MS console to date. They have already announced three times what Sony has as of now. We'll see what PAX and E3 have in store.

No_Limit1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Agree christocolus,

You always make very logical and fair assessment on N4G and it is a shame the haters keep tracking you and downvote you with every chance they get but continue to spread the good word, my friend.

I expect some huge announcement coming soon, probably starting with PAX in two weeks.

christocolus1487d ago

Thanks mate. I totally forgot about Pax. I guess thats what he is talking about....nice.cant wait.

ArbitorChief1487d ago

You still got a link to that article for potential Xbox One exclusives?

DiRtY1487d ago

It does not have to be strictly gaming related. Well of course gaming related, but not about new software for the Xbox One.

"Without sharing too much I’ll just say been focused on a lot of internal work stuff last couple of weeks, you’ll hear more soon."

Could also mean they opened one or two new studios for example.

Whatever it is, I hope they won't announce layoffs like Sony did.

Volkama1487d ago

Twitter teasing for layoffs would be pretty low even for the gaming industry :)

Automatic791487d ago

@ Chris

I agree if MS gives us some treats before E3 that will be great can't wait. Hoping they bring a strong summer of arcade promotion as well some of there games in the past were awesome.

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DeadRabbits1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I don't want to know about Phils "Internal Stuff coming soon" how uncouth!

hulk_bash19871487d ago

What I want from Microsoft's E3 conference is new gameplay footage of Quantum Break and a gameplay reveal for Sunset Overdrive and Halo 5. I am also looking forward to seeing what unannounced games they have in store.

ArbitorChief1487d ago

Pax East is my guess, MS did say they will be at PAX this year and that's in just under 2 weeks.

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