Infamous: Second Son success shows single-player is still king

MMGN writes: Without ignoring the infatuation publishers and gamers alike have for competitive games, the single-player offering still trumps the online joust. A game that has demonstrated that well is Infamous: Second Son, a solid anarchic adventure that, if reports are correct, has drummed up plenty of support for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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Tatsuya 1571d ago

Only the best, on PlayStation :)

welly3001571d ago

Not for me not payin £60 with no online features reckon it wld have sold a lot more.

thelaughingwiseman1571d ago

I like your idea. An Infamous-like game with multiplayer. I don't see anything wrong with that. And more powers would have been used for the online feature. Imagine all that neon around the city!

kayoss1570d ago

Dude, some games just dont need MP. You cant just throw in MP in any game and try to make it work. Look at God of war series. That game does not need a MP. It was a story driven SP game. But when they try to push MP, it seems out of place and was un-necessary.

Mikelarry1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

why would they tack online multiplayer just so they can tick a box. see what happened with tomb raider, the games does not need multiplayer and IS selling really well

thelaughingwiseman1571d ago

lol Tomb Raider's MP was pretty bad. But I don't think a tact on MP is what I was thinking of. I was thinking more along the lines of GTA V, where the MP is more mission based, and with customizable characters. Maybe a factions like Last of Us, of Goodies and Badies. Something where it was supported like the Uncharted MP's have been (with maps, co-op missions, customizable celebrations, gear)

welly3001570d ago

Wow 50 dissagree my best yet.. I think online could have been a great addition that ads value to our overpriced games. Open world infamous sounds good to me few mates co op with supper powers with sucker punch behind could work out great.

No_Limit1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

It is a great game and I just finished playing the good side of the campaign, took me about 13 hours to complete. I will definitely going to try to play evil to get the best out of the game.

Just like Tomb Raider or Assassin's Creed, the single player is so good that I didn't even bother with the online stuff.

It can also be true on the other spectrum as if a game is great in MP, then the majority of time that is where I'll be and the single player campaign will be an afterthought. There is really no one side is better than the other , it is about execution and if it is good, then it is good, nothing wrong with that.

Farsendor11571d ago

single player games is what i like most about the playstation brand. there are very few multiplayer games that i actually play.

mike32UK1571d ago

Where the hell are you shopping? I got my copy for £40

LackTrue4K1570d ago

"Would of sold more...??"

Like Titian-falls sales? Lol....on 3 platforms?!?


Kribwalker1570d ago

Hmmmm comparable numbers (only separated by 3000 units in its 3rd week of sales) not released on the 360 yet, and 90 percent of sales have been x1, which has only sold about 60% of the consoles the PS4 has sold and it's laughable? I'd then say its laughable that infamous ss has not sold way more then titanfall. From what I've seen, titanfall total x1 sales in the uk and USA are higher then the total sales of infamous second son.

welly3001570d ago

Why mention titanfall the sales have been solid and it moved few more xbo1s.

specialguest1570d ago


A tacked on MP would've not added value if it was subpar like most tacked on MP. The game would've been criticized for the poor effort. On the other hand, a proper MP would've delayed the game significantly. Maybe it would be awesome on the next infamous if it was planned from the start, but not for the current game.

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Elda1571d ago

That's why I love the fact Sony caters to single player more so than multiplayer,loving I:SS so far,love the fact they keep inplementing free xtra content to play.

mezati991571d ago

more single player experiences is just what we need this gen
very very happy with my ps4

TheFallenAngel1570d ago

Agreed, I can't wait for more single player experiences like God of War 3, uncharted and the last of us. I'm very happy with my ps4, right now FIFA is getting my time. My brother in law and I play it all the time.

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