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Submitted by Mister_V 679d ago | news

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Sub-Machine Guns “Buffed” in Latest Update, Check Out The Details

MP1st - Though the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts update notes are still being withheld from the anxious Call of Duty community, new info has surfaced revealing some of the changes that have been applied to weapon balance. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

crusf  +   679d ago
↓↓↓ Place COD hate comments below ↓↓↓
Iamnemesis4880  +   679d ago
Ghosts is not any were close to BO2
Iamnemesis4880  +   679d ago
Battlefield enough said
Section8  +   679d ago
That's what I want to play...a game that doesn't work. Even now it still doesn't work.
Iamnemesis4880  +   678d ago
Still better than ghosts black ops 2 is way better than ghosts been playing it again a lot
Kavorklestein  +   679d ago
The buff is going to IMPROVE SMG'S?
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. SMG's are already too strong in ALL THE CALL OF DUTY GAMES EVER MADE.
There's almost no point having assault rifles in their games at all when all the spray-and-pray gamers out there can use SMG's with the same or BETTER lethality than any of the assault rifles, AND have better mobility while running and gunning. I LOVE the COD games, all of them for different reasons, but they have ALL suffered from an un-balanced portrayal of SMG Damage and Range representations within all the games. The buff should have been to DECREASE the damage and range statistics of ALL the SMG's instead.

I will never understand this. Battlefield portrays SMG's more realistically, and that's sad that Both Treyarch AND Infinity Ward haven't realized this in any of these games.

Another thing that is retarded, is how people who play online for some reason think that hard scoping is of less skill than quickscoping... Not only is quickscoping letting the game "auto aim for you" with a sniper, but it's stupid that people get mad at people who hardscope.. If you were using a sniper rifle in real life, and you had a limited magazine of 5 or less bullets, then you would make each shot count, not be shooting from the hip ONLY, and hoping that you giving your position away is worth it somehow. I understand that these are video games, and NOT real life, but I don't agree with the hatred/anger towards people who hardscope, who are playing the game the way it's MEANT to be played, by pulling LEFT trigger, lining their target up in the crosshairs, and THEN pulling RIGHT trigger.

You assholes know who you are.... and I'm calling you out... so, basically all Call Of Duty Players.

I'm not gonna say people CAN'T or shouldn't quickscope, it's IN the game, and it's a trick/exploit/flaw in the game's design, but you all need to STOP getting upset when somebody snipes you when they AREN'T quickscoping.
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ShowGun901  +   679d ago
Ok first, calm down lol... Second, I don't know where you got your info from, but sub in this game are crap... The maps have huge sight lines, and equipping anything with less range than an AR severely limits your options n ghosts... Trust me, I used to love subs in Blops2, now I'm either equipping a AR or sniper... GREAT maps for snipers in this game, a few which are completely unplayable with a sub... If you hate Cod and never played ghosts, just admit it, because anybody who picked up a sub in this game knows there useless after 15 yards...
InTheLab  +   679d ago
That's called reality. That's how they SHOULD work.

As for what you're saying, there's two smgs that work just fine in Ghosts. They don't have a range limitation as severe as the others.
Kavorklestein  +   678d ago
I'm not gonna calm down. I play COD EVERYDAY, AND YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT. I love COD, but this is how these games have been since day one. AR's are supposed to be better than SMG's. Period. SMG's are supposed to be for shooting under 50 yards not sniping me better across the map than my FAL can do... Not for plinking three bullets with zero kick before I can even FIRE a bullet and have it hit my target, EVEN when I have the drop on an enemy.
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InTheLab  +   679d ago
Those quick scopers also get pissed when you use a riot shield or shotgun to deal with their sanctioned cheating... I really hope Treyarch eliminates quickscoping but half the people (also know as kids) who play the game do so because of the broken aim assist and hit box for the sniper. Any game that allows you to spin in a circle and still hit a target with a sniper is a joke.

As for the topic, the sub machine gun problem would be easily fixed if any CoD had proper recoil. There's no way some of these guns should fire as accurately as they do but with no recoil, it's all possible.

CoD's shooting is just broken at this point and people that disagree clearly on play CoD online and nothing else. Try any of that quickscoping or spray and pray in Battlefield or Killzone or and you might as well be shooting for the moon.
Mini0510_13  +   677d ago
Lol you are definitely clueless about the weapon balancing in ghosts
Afistnu  +   679d ago
Damn... I played about 5 games and thought every single weapon was already too buffed as it was... I'd just instantly die in one shot 90% of the time.

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