New Caffeine Trailer- The Unreal Engine 4 Really Shines

The latest Caffeine trailer really shows off the power of the Unreal Engine 4 and the developer (self proclaimed lighting junkie) appears to be taking full advantage it.

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PhilJowns1604d ago

Looked like a bland empty Alien Isolation clone

ATi_Elite1604d ago

YEH another bland and generic Space Ship hallway crawler.

"go to engineering and put the main generator back online but first find the red key card on the dead body in the medical bay which will require you to go outside the ship to get there and watch out for monsters that seem to just spawn right behind you"

Not really impressed with the power shown for this engine.

Qrphe1604d ago

A clone of a game that isn't even out? Only thing Isolation has going for it from the million indie horror games out there is the Alien name.

PhilJowns1604d ago

Was commenting on the actual amount of background detail and objects seen in the Alien Isolation trailers. Much richer detail.

Septic1604d ago

My days that ending made me jump!

Eldyraen1604d ago

I need to see more as other than the engine looking great not much to go by yet.

If we are lucky maybe it is sort of psychological/supernatural in the same sense Event Horizon (movie) was. I could also see a setting where simple "crazies" in space could be awesome without going too far into SciFi/Fantasy realm. Some movies have pulled it off quite well actually so time for games to follow suit.

Not sure how any relates to this game exactly but don't need conventional monsters (or even real ones) to be scary or suspenseful.

tkato1604d ago

why is the table in the same height of the player? looks unpolished to me.

ShakesPub1604d ago

Because you play as a small child/kid...

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