Why Don't More MMOs Offer a Free Peek?

During the last beta test for The Elder Scrolls Online, the mmorpg gave players the opportunity to play with features reserved for those who purchased the collector's edition of the game. As gamers played The Elder Scrolls Online that weekend, they wondered why don't more mmos offer a free peek?

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Jdoki1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Depends on the type of free peek...

For paid boxes and sub models... Most MMO's are such generic, cookie cutter Wow-wannabes, that no dev will risk people getting a free taste of mediocrity. They'd never sell any boxes.

If an MMO is already free to play, and the 'free peek' is for the paid features - I would argue that the game needs to be good enough in the 'free' version to provide incentive for people to want to upgrade. Star Wars KotR was like that. The starter stuff was good enough that I upgraded to a subscription for a while.