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Brazz914d ago

I think that this is the first time, in this gen, that see a CoD DLC commercial whit no "First on Xbox".
I have not seen many commercials for Cod DLC, but all i had seen have "first on xbox".

Eonjay914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Well, its still first on Live April 3rd and other systems to follow. Thats a contract they are under so that wont change until it ends. I am curious that we are now just seeing a trailer at all being as though the 3rd is in only four days.

onyoursistersback914d ago

i have not played a COD game for years, what is this about the Predator, and Michael Myers?

is this a game mode, liker survivor or something??? looks cool,

redwin914d ago

No, it's a kill streak, the berserker. When someone has Michael Myers you hear the Friday the 13th theme music, for Michael Jackson you hear smooth criminal, I don't know what you hear for predator.

iHazelwood914d ago

do you mean halloween theme?

onyoursistersback914d ago

WTF? Michael Jackson is in the game?!? i think your confusing him with Michael Myers (Halloween).

TheBurger29914d ago

Unearthed.. aka dome from mw3

HumanAfterAll914d ago

Out of the realm of weird, into the realm of the ridiculous.


redwin914d ago

The article said " first on Xbox ". Who cares, r you telling me that if you have a ps4 you are not getting it because it's for the Xbox first? ( this is why I buy multyplat on the Xbox )

AceBlazer13914d ago

Why should I pay the exact same price for dlc other users got an entire month ahead of me? Screw that I don't even bother buying timed dlc even skyrim got the treatment and I loved that game like a puppy.

if only more playstation owners stopped buying the month old dlc.hurt those idiots activision pockets.

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The story is too old to be commented.