Is VR the future of Gaming? A look at nearly every VR device shown at GDC.

George from Super Bunnyhop takes a look at five different VR rigs at GDC. How do they stack up? Is there a misunderstood underdog in the pile? Will Facebook ruin all the fun?

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CynicalKelly1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

From the looks of half the stuff shown off so far, I hope it isn't the future. It's a gimmick to me, the same way Motion gaming was.

It's also kinda funny that now people who complained about Motion gaming because of looking like an idiot are now up waving their arms around.. Like an idiot.. And calling it the future..

specialguest1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Have you tried it lately? If you did then your opinion is valid. Otherwise, you might want to give it a shot first. From all of the videos I've seen, most people felt like it's a game changer and potentially revolutionary with a few improvements and tweaks. This was only the Oculus dev kit 1 which was non HD and had no positional tracking. I odered the improved dev kit 2 and I'll finally experience VR in a few months.

3d in gaming is a gimmick because you're seeing images slightly popped out which is cool, but not truly immersive. Motion control is a gimmick because you mimic the motions to force the feeling of immersion. With VR, what Oculus are trying to achieve is "presence" which is feeling like you're totally transported into that world when you strap on the headset. It tricks your brain into believing you're there without any effort on your part. That's real immersion.

MurDocINC1543d ago

Maybe the future as far as first person games. Other views would only benefit from stero 3D.

CynicalKelly1543d ago

I have tried the Oculus however it has went through some changes since then and worked out some kinks so it may have improved greatly but I don't think that makes my opinion on the technology any less valid. While it does add a great deal of immersion, I feel like it really only works for FPS horror games and it would be a very expensive accessory for a small category of games.

I understand that it hasn't been enough time yet for developers to utilize it's potential but none of the games created to use it have looked even half decent.

I prefer a controller, I did when everyone was obsessed with the motion gaming trend and I do now that everyone else has forgotten that they used to complain about having to stand up and move their arms to game. I don't want this making it's way into my games.

To me, I feel like this will be just like motion gaming and will eventually run out of steam. Probably when a price point is revealed for that Playstation headset and we see what games we will be tolerating with it.

lemoncake1543d ago

Is VR a living room tech, that is where i have my doubts. PC gaming seems like a natural fit but console gaming seems to be stretching it.

I actually think microsofts illumiroom style tech is a better fit for consoles. Disagrees incoming because i mentioned microsoft.

TheEnigma3131543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Only time will tell how VR does. Why provoke disagrees by writing that last sentence?

CynicalKelly1543d ago

Illumiroom is something I am actually interested in, it's as far as I would go with VR or AR, whatever it falls into. I have a backlight on my TV already and I think it would be pretty cool when playing in the dark to have the weather element portrayed on the wall or the scoreboard of my online match up so I can always see it.

Depending on the price of course, this is something I want to see.

Dirkster_Dude1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

From - "According to the Vision Council of America, approximately 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction. About 64% of them wear eyeglasses..." -- If the Oculus Rift is the future it will need to change the design or make sure you can use your prescription glasses with the device. Otherwise it will only be a niche market of a niche market. And before anyone tries to say gaming isn't still a niche market it is nothing in sales compared to going to or buying movies or watching TV and video games are typically more expensive than either for less time spent on them.

mark3214uk1543d ago

problem is for ppl that havnt tried the new vr they still think its like the old days like with the paper glasses lol ive got a oculus and other than the motion sickness its like your really there,its great

turn the lights off with headphones on and you can get lost in the vr world

it has great potential and im glad sony has joined