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It seems to me we don’t really expect much of fighting games. So long as there’s a large roster of characters and a solid combat system, the likes of Street Fighter can get away with having few modes and almost no story to speak of. Some would argue that such features are superfluous, that single-player modes can’t prepare you for human opponents, and that aside, the stories of these games are always third-rate. The BlazBlue series challenges all of these assumptions, and in-so-doing puts almost every other fighting game on the market to shame.

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ValKilmer1599d ago

Ugh, I love this series, but I get my butt handed to me too much. I just don't have the time to invest in it.

KonsoruMasuta1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I can't get into BlazBlue, I don't like the controls or mechanics. I personally prefer Persona 4 Arena.

dedicatedtogamers1599d ago

IMO, with this latest entry, BlazBlue has finally reached the fluidity of Guilty Gear. Obviously, the attacks and characters are different, but everything is very polished now. Plus, there are a lot more characters included.

Bimkoblerutso1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Yeah, I can imagine. You're probably too busy all....those movies...

Oh sorry. At least you'll always have Tombstone.

g-0ff1599d ago

Anime: the fighting game is still going strong

NovusTerminus1599d ago

Can't wait for tuesday. I have loved every BB game.

Blastoise1599d ago

I have continuum shift extend on Vita, it's pretty awesome.

Can't go wrong for £10

Hicken1599d ago

Wish I had the funds to pick this up. I love this franchise to pieces, though. I have no doubt that this will be great. I mean, it has Noel in it, after all.

g-0ff1599d ago

With even less clothes somehow!

Hicken1598d ago

To be honest, I'm more fond of her old uniform. She's always cute, but her NOL dress fit her perfectly.

Maybe I'll change that when I get her in front of me in HD. I wish I could have her in front of me in real life...

g-0ff1597d ago

The old uniform is great. One thing I really miss is her cute "hat falling off" animations. They gave her a lot of personality.

but you can have her in front of you, in two flavours

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