Disappointment Becomes Death Threats: Examining the Backlash of Facebook's Purchase of Oculus VR

Hardcore Gamer: Am I disappointed Facebook now owns Oculus VR? Yes. Am I likely to purchase anything made by Oculus VR while other, similar systems are already in development? Certainly not. But do I hope anything bad happens to any member of the company or their family? No, and I feel stupid and embarrassed that it would even need to be said. I am positive that these kinds of people are in the minority and I expect there are really only a handful of particularly loud, particularly stupid people that would take it that far. But even if the death threats were meant as a stupid joke or a hyperbole (which is really the best case scenario), it makes us all look bad as a community.

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ValKilmer1574d ago

It's pathetic that people have to turn to death threats when they don't get their way about something so insignicant. Josh Gad is playing The Thing? Death threat. Ben Affleck is playing the Joker? Death threat. Nolan North is voicing Deadpool? Well, OK, that one was expected, but still!