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Matt from Codec Moments writes: "Set 7 years after inFAMOUS 2 and with the world seemingly recovering from the events that transpired at the end of that game, Second Son starts a superhero story for a new generation, both in the game world and the hardware, in the form of not-so-reluctant hero Delsin Rowe. There’s no doubt that the game has received a lot of attention and has arrived in the middle of a game drought, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to sell well, but is it a worthy successor to the series that started on the PlayStation 3?"

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Boody-Bandit1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )


Climbing mechanics are random?
I played all the games in the series as well and completed I:SS 3x over. I'm still playing the game. I have logged roughly 50hrs into this game and I barely did any climbing at all. That's what vents (Smoke Power), Running up the side of anything (Neon) and the 3rd power pretty much makes traveling irrelevant. When I did climb I didn't miss a grab. But since I am vet of the series, and a AC addict, climbing in these types of games is like second nature to me.

It plays too much like Infamous 2? Isn't that the point? What did you want it to play like? It's new characters, completely different story line, well acted, all new powers (which I thought were /are amazing), runs smoother than the previous installments. Oh well. To each his own I guess. For me it's a rock solid 9 and well deserving of it.

Soldierone1569d ago

In my opinion it actually climbs better than most other titles. There are odd times when he doesn't "grab" but every single platformer I played has had this issue. AC is way worse with it.

The only real platforming issue I have is that some buildings have overhangs, and for some reason none of the powers will go around them. So Delsin just hits them and falls lol Sometimes the light power will go around, but not a lot.

Longshot281569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I love that everyone is following suit, seeing all these 8's it almost seems as if nobody has the balls to say how the actually feel about the game. Game deserves more than just an 8.

DoomeDx1569d ago

I would give it an 8?

Its an amazing game but the story wasnt superb like infamous 1 & 2. And it lacks replay value. I already stopped playing it.